47 – The horse-shoe

This fabulous hike, one hour from Prague, will lead you to beautiful castle ruins, across magnificent plains to the most spectacular viewpoint imaginable. Suitable for families and mountain bikes. As for man’s best friend; he or she, will have a ball! 

Difficulty : easy – moderate                Distance : 10,2 Km                  Time : 2h30

Tips: This hike is an adaptation or rather abbreviation of hike #38 in the book Dog Walks Prague. Hike 38 is an arduous hike where distance can not be covered briskly due to recurrent positive gradients throughout the second half of the itinerary. However if you do accomplish it one day, you will have spent 5-7 hours exposed to the deepest benefits of Mother Nature as you cross deserted plains and weave through magnificent forests of pine, cedar and birch. I may as well say that you will feel the soothing and invigorating effects right down to your cells! 😁 But due to length and difficulty, one must not set out on hike 38 unprepared. This present adaptation (much shorter, easier version) will introduce you to this sublime region and share with you, in my humble opinion, one of the most glorious and easily accessible views in the Czech Republic.

Access : Best to drive. Park, free of charge, alongside the river, here : 49.6421206N, 14.2519690E

Detailed itinerary : Follow the instructions for walk #38 until you pass through the first village. As you turn left in the centre of the village, continue following the small road and you will enter fields once more. As you climb the gentle slope, you will have fields on either side, then forest to your left. Take the path to your left which cuts through the forest (entrance sometimes barred by a steel barrier but you can walk round it). You will emerge at a wide forest road on a hairpin bend.  Follow this wide track, going right. (Before doing so, at the junction, over to your right, your dog can access a water source. However you should accompany him as it is a deep, rectangular pit, and dangerous). After walking along this wide track for less than ten minutes, look out for a path branching off to the left, bearing a green triangle. Follow the path then descend the steep steps. To appreciate the ultimate, unobstructed view, you will need to venture carefully right to the edge of the rock ledge, exercising the utmost care with children and pets. Your courage will be rewarded! 119A27EA-547A-442C-8477-67C434F52C27

Backtrack across the fields until you reach the junction where the castle lies to your left. Rather than returning here, go straight on. Keep following this path which veers right then brings you back into the town. On your left, just as you emerge from the fields, you will be able to examine an interesting array of farming and rural equipment, displayed by locals. Make your way down any random street, towards the river i.e. go straight on, or towards your left, then right. Once at the river, you will be able to get your bearings as you will see the bridge to your left, and a petrol station. You can follow the river bank past the children’s play park, to your left and right back to the car park.

This walk can only encourage you to build up the necessary stamina to embark upon expedition #38, as right in the middle of your journey, you will be able to picnic in the glorious meadow on the chunk of land, encased in the horseshoe, formed by the Vltava.

Here is my itinerary: https://mapy.cz/s/cekehenuhu

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  1. Tonya Isaeva Avatar
    Tonya Isaeva

    do you have a QR code for this trail?
    thanks 🙂

    1. Za K Avatar

      Sure! I’ve sent the link to your email with the elevation chart. Enjoy! I think you will love it!

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