66 – Gaïa’s Trail

This 9Km hike in Prague 5 passes right in front of 4 Przewalski’s Horses mares who arrived in their new home on 20th of April just in time for Spring!
It is the last species of wild horse. Last seen in the wild, in 1969, the breed has only survived due to captive breeding. Geologically the Divčí hrady steppes area is part of Bohemian Karst and the arrival of the mares is part of a project whereupon the grazing of large herbivores is deemed essential to restore the natural biodiversity of a given zone. I have been following other projects like this since 2015 and was pleased to witness their arrival. The species is robust and the mane erect, with no forelock. They have a light coloured muzzle and dark legs with several faint stripes.

Gaïa is happy to announce the arrival of the long awaited 5 year old Lana from Kölner, in Germany, 4 year old Gruhne from Belgium, 3 year old Xicara from Prague zoo and 4 year old Khamina, from Berlin. There seemed to be no language barrier as the girls trotted around together exploring their new home.

We are thankful for all the efforts of Prague zoo’s breeding programme, for biodiversity restauration projects such as these in which the Czech Republic are among the pioneers, and to those involved in the construction of this fantastic enclosure with viewing galleries. 👌

Four wild girls have a room with a view!
The four girls arrive in their new “castle”
Ah, here you are at last! I can vaguely see you! Welcome to Prokopák girls!

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  1. Danguole Avatar

    Beautiful area in the city, perfect for dogs, best destination when muddy everywhere else, these fields remain mostly clean. Love the horses – adds additional excitement to visit girls on the walk.

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