71- Meadow Jukebox

A very pleasant and easy 9 Km hike through meadows, beautiful forest and along a deserted minor road! Not only can you pick wild raspberries in summer but you can lie back in a lush meadow after selecting a tune on Krištof Kintera’s Public Jukebox and experience an unprecedented moment as Bowie’s voice blasts “can you hear me major Tom”, to…..the deer in the forest! Somewhat surreal!

Distance : 9 Km Difficulty: easy

It is possible to park directly at the start of the green trail. After passing the first meadow and first stretch of forest, look out for the Public Dukebox in the middle of a grassy meadow, bordered by forest. It is located at point 2 on my map.

Drop a 10Kč coin into the slot, make your selection from the 99 recordings on offer and press play. The wild and wonderful playlist offers 99 recordings compiled by the artist Krištof Kintera and ranges from The Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen, recordings of wild forest animals, Václav Havel’s 1990 New Year’s address to the nation, to “the most stupid yodle song”.
Originally, the artist’s intention was for his sculpture to be placed in the very remote North Icelandic fishing village of Siglufjörð where those who had wandered off the beaten track, would happen upon it and could choose to blast Chopin, hardcore techno or a Thai Buddhist mantra out across the Sea of Norway should they so desire!… Yes. Such are the items on this very diverse playlist! I assure you that much fun can be had at point 2 on the map and I’m rather glad that Kintera’s sculpture found its way instead to a field in Svatý Jan.

When you reach point 4, turn left and follow the map below to enjoy this wonderful trail.

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