74 – Frýdlantské címbuří

A more challenging 11 K hike within a two hour drive from Prague, with wonderful view points and varied paths and vegetation.

Difficulty : difficult Distance : 11 Km

Starting point : Bílý potok, Hejnice.

Tips: For welcoming, dog-friendly accommodation and restaurant, we recommend Klášter františkánu, the former Franciscan monastery.

Detailed description : From the starting point, follow yellow trail markers to U Liščí then switch to green and follow the trail straight on to the foot of the waterfall. Back track to the junction and climb to the right, following the green trail until Oltář. Climb up to Hajní kostel to enjoy a bird’s eye view then descend to the path once more to climb to the intersection with the yellow trail. Set off to your left, climbing the steep rocky incline, following yellow trail markers. Your climb will be rewarded as you arrive at Morávkův kříž then Hölzelova. Return to the signpost and keep following the yellow trail markers through the most beautiful narrow paths. You will find yourself completely surrounded by blueberry plants with magnificent rocks towering above you.

Continue to Polední kameny which is the culminating point, at 1007m and from where you can gaze out over the treetops into Poland. At the stream, turn up to the right and after a gentle climb, you emerge onto a wide, cemented path, Pavlova cesta. Follow this wide trail downwards to the right to the junction with the green trail. Follow the green trail, Kozí stezka, going right, all the way back down to U Liščí chaty again and branch off to the left on the yellow trail to return to the start.

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Here is our map for you to enjoy. After your hike, please consider scrolling down to the reply zone and leaving a comment to assist other hikers.


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