75 – Beechwood Treasure

The Jizera mountain Beechwoods constitute the largest Beechwood forest in Bohemia. The climate is harsh and humid with high precipitation levels and hiking in the area is arduous. However your efforts are always rewarded; the scenery is beautiful! This hike of medium difficulty leads you through a forest where three quarters of the Beech trees are over 120 years old and the expanse has been inscribed on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage treasures, in the same way that U.S. National Parks have. You will climb, surrounded by Beech and majestic, moss-coated rock formations and descend, surrounded by Fir and Spruce.

Difficulty: medium Distance : 9 Km

Description : Navigation is simple as the circuit never strays from official ČKT trails. Follow the blue trail from Ferdinandov to Bilá kuchyně. Switch to yellow going left. Finally, go left on green to descend to starting point.

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