69 – Oldřich Oak Trail

A beautiful forest walk which is perfect for your dog, in summer. Forest fruits can be picked on the way: blueberries galore in July, followed by wild raspberries in August and brambles in September.

Difficulty: easy to moderate Distance: 13.2 Km

Starting point: This trail starts at Oldřich’s Oak tree, a 30m tall tree which is well over a thousand years old. Click on the starting point of our on-line map to see coordinates of the starting point or to navigate to that point.

Our on-line map: https://mapy.cz/s/lezojoguse

Tips: You might want to stay overnight in the area. Dogwalksprague recommends staying in the nearby town of Louny and combining this hike with hike #32 in our new book Dog Walks Prague Volume 2, which will be out soon!

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