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NEWLY RELEASED Dog Walks Prague – Equilibrium in paperback format with clip art illustrations (pictured below on left) or in e-book format with photographs (pictured below on right), both available on Amazon.de

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And previously:

  • Dog Walks Prague (Book 1) pictured top left is available at Shakespeare & Sons bookstore in MalΓ‘ Strana. To order, send an email to questions@shakes.cz
  • Dog Walks Prague – Connections (Book 2) pictured top right is available on Amazon.de in paperback and e-book. Click button above to order.


Reviews of first book: Dog Walks Prague





Our pick of pet sanctuaries in CZ:

Psi senioΕ™Γ­ v nouzi, z.s. πŸ”—


And also Cool Critters sanctuary in KadlΓ­n πŸ‘‰ https://coolcritters.org/

If you want to donate to these non-profit organizations you can follow the instructions on their respective websites.

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Dog Walks Prague is using the fantastic application Mapy.cz. and contributing photos to Mapy.cz.


PΕ™ijďte a uΕΎijte si prochΓ‘zku tak jako vΓ‘Ε‘ pes!
Come and enjoy a walk the way your dog does !
Venez, et apprΓ©ciez la balade comme le fait votre chien!