1 – Prokopák Paradise

This walk in Prague 5 is one of our all-time favourites and many of the paths were first chosen by my dogs! You will see pretty and unexpected places on the way…

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 76D5A273-70E7-4EAC-948F-50DF6D32BC09.jpeg  9A579551-E27F-4B33-AAC3-86E157F5D426.jpeg   F3AAF8B2-0EFC-4E49-A6F0-56BA47B4E72D.jpeg  D169FDA4-DDCA-4518-95A3-3298C281ECF8.jpeg  4F631CB2-05B1-4D4D-9333-3DCF184F8D54.jpeg 24D501DB-91BA-4218-A65F-806F68C4C3BA.jpeg  4E911DBF-95B9-4BCC-8155-71F5694332FB.jpeg A0A1DD7C-32D0-408E-A041-43AE45431A9F.jpegthe signpost directly opposite you.  43C1DA2A-293F-431F-93E7-F758A54FBD38.jpeg

Can you believe that you are right in a capital city, in the heart of Prague 5, 100 meters from a shopping mall, between two metro stations and next to the Humanities faculty of Charles University? Isn’t Prague just amazing !

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4 responses to “1 – Prokopák Paradise”

  1. Danguole Avatar

    Just back from the walk, tired and happy 🙂 beautiful area in the city which feels wild, a bit demanding with ups and downs and muddy in December; perfect for out of the city feeling and freedom for dogs. Enjoy 😉

    1. Za K Avatar

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Cheers!

  2. Luna Avatar

    I did this walk when I was visiting prague and it was a good work out and a nice way to see the green side of the city for an afternoon! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Za K Avatar

      Thanks for commenting Luna. Glad you enjoyed our trail !

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