50 – Tutankhamun’s Trail

Tutankhamun’s Trail is an exciting circuit through beautiful forests in the Kokořín area, to an interesting and fun, sandstone labyrinth, where you will weave your way through rock passages to a huge slab called ”Tutanchamon” in Czech. Just before the end of the circuit, you will also be able to see a unique trio of “mushrooms” formed through selective erosion.

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2 responses to “50 – Tutankhamun’s Trail”

  1.  Avatar

    Lovely walk through the forest, both me and my dog loved checking out the caves. Tutanchamon’s challenge with a chain claiming appeared too challenging without dog bag, as mentioned, but way back is enjoyable and seems much shorter than when heading forward.
    Recommended for those staying in the area, and also only a bit over 1 hour drive from Prague

  2. Danguole Avatar

    Lovely trail, enjoyed forest walk and checking out all the caves. Tutanchamon’s place with added mystery of trees growing in rocks, some stairs to climb and move caves to explore, and cheery top unmanageable small rock with a chain climb which was impossible even with small dog, because yeah who takes dog bag to the forest. Going back is fast so definitely need to try out the challenge.

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