“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”

Discover the benefits of walking in nature, on body and mind. 

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks” John Muir, mountaineer and Father of U.S. National parks

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Our guide books contain 39 trails: Dog Walks Prague & Dog Walks Prague-Connections.

Enjoy our itineraries in and around Prague!


Reviews of some of our trails:

8B245513-5CF9-427A-BDEE-0501C1C56DEF#4 – Klara’s Trail 6842803D-7486-4894-A7A0-974545B13C8E#11 – Bubovice waterfalls 01162963-5101-45F9-9975-5399E7E214DE#11 – Bubovice waterfalls B4E19A1C-5161-44FD-9865-8B7CD63FB063#20 – Senohraby 8060D61A-C348-4379-B5E0-00068490A91E#1 – Prokopák paradise D2884F84-B555-4663-B3E7-8E79CBB2829C#5 – Kinsky gardens 5D00E03B-8ACB-4A27-AED5-885A8BDA9CF4#32 – Stations of the Cross 8889D5DD-8DC7-470C-BC92-E3BACD5E44F5#34 – Trees OF Karlík 3EC5EC14-75D6-4D9F-B33B-C724238557CC#34 – Trees of Karlík


5B97CD80-551B-42FC-A359-3F1D674C24F5#9 – Tunnels treck 99DAF9C8-AE1B-4140-9F6E-3C9AE523FEF0#7 – Celtic oppidum CDFD2782-B791-4C9E-A697-354541E7BC27#23 – Volcano special 534EB4AC-F829-41C4-B2FF-7EC27E201E28#23 – Volcano special


#20 – Senohraby

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