20 – Senohraby

A pleasant walk through the countryside which inspired the Czech painter and illustrator Josef Lada. On the way, look out for pretty, porcelaine plaques, bearing illustrations of a vodník i.e. a water sprite from Czech folklore.

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Photograph gallery :


Distance : 4,8 Km          Time : approx 1h10

Josef Lada, a Czech painter, cartoonist and writer. AFA02A57-0903-4F28-B3AB-6A942AB63B23.jpeg


a plaque of a vodník.  09D2BF10-2F81-42A6-AD12-A452504BB407.jpegE05B5D6C-2BD8-4725-943B-272ED11C30C8.jpegB1EDC451-F90E-4E67-B881-C8D3C4411F01.jpeg

For full itineraries (see walk 45 for an example of itinerary details) you may wish to Purchase book 🔗 https://dogwalksprague.blog/prochazky/



  1. Super blog.
    On a l’impression d’avoir fait toute la balade 🚶‍♀️ avec son chien 🐕 alors qu’on est sur son canapé. Ça donne envie d’enfilet ses baskets 👟.


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