2 – Prokopák

This walk is one of our all-time favourites and many of the paths were first chosen by my dogs! You will see pretty and unexpected places on the way…

Access : By metro – Take the metro to Jinonice and walk to the junction of Novoveská with Pod Vavřincem. 50°2’52.444″N, 14°21’56.537″E By bus : Take the 149 to bus stop Sidliště Jinonice and walk to Novoveská. By car : Park for free at the foot of Novoveská street. There is space for approximately five vehicules just at the entrance to the forest 50°2’52.444″N, 14°21’56.537″E.

You will see two forest paths and an information board.  71138EBB-8C01-4D20-9FB7-5A9FD483AB6D.jpeg

Tips : a) No need to carry water for your dog as there are 3 water sources throughout this walk. b) This walk takes you « off the beaten track » and rarely follows official trails. Thus you will need to pay particular and frequent attention to the description. c) You might want to bring some money and stop for refreshments, as there is a nice dog-friendly pub on the way, boasting an open fireplace in Winter.

Difficulty : Moderate + (3 steep ascents).

Distance : 9,6 Km. Possibility to end the walk at Barrandov after 7 Km.

Time : approximately 1h40

Summarized itinerary : Pod Vavřincemkostel sv Vavřince, Jinonice  – Stydlá voda –  Prokopský UdoliJaroslav Foglar staircaseCerný KohoutNa RvsnickuBarrandovNového mlynaDalejského potokačervený lomOpatřilka – prokopský udoliskalni masiv Borova skala Butovické HradištěPod Vavřincem

Detailed description : There are two paths leading into the forest. Take the higher one on your left. In about 25 metres, on the left, you will find a bin which is emptied regularly. Walk on, passing rocks which jut out beside the path. Just beyond, take the steep, narrow path up to your left. At the top, this path leads you into a grassy field. 8BDAE03F-8B2E-4404-ADD2-0B2CF958C748.jpegThere is no path but the grass is rarely high (apart from in May and June). Cross the grass imagining that you are following the little hand of a clock that is indicating 11 o’clock. You should end up on a small path lined with thickish trees but you will be facing a path B78E1DC2-C9ED-4C6F-9A91-9351A69475D1.jpegwhich takes you straight through the trees. At the end of this lovely little path, you will go straight on  D487B2FE-73F3-4790-92CF-03CA98C5AD7B.jpegpast the wall of a small cemetery and Hřbitov kaple, a little chapel in the grounds of St. Vavřinec church.C8835832-7E56-41A2-85B9-F88709E406E3.jpegTurn right. You will be walking with a cultivated field on either side. When you reach the end, go left and follow the path into the forest. Then take the first path on the right and you will find yourself in a wild area of grassy dunes with a magnificent view. Cross this area, going towards the right. The path dips down sharply then climbs. Go straight on. Then, follow the lowest path – i.e. the one furthest left, sloping downwards, until you reach the young, solitary oak on your right. Just after this tree, level with the rocks protruding from the grass, turn down the steep, almost hidden path to your left.  A17E4CA7-6D18-4B35-957D-D17A394EA008.jpegThis short path bears yellow trail markers. Be careful on your way down as some of the rocks are polished and can be slippy in damp weather. There is a handrail on your left and you will pass a trickling water source, known as pramen stydlá voda. Pass under the railway. Tricky dogs will try to cross the railway track as apparently it’s just too tempting, compared to the spooky tunnel. Put your dog on the leash here for a couple of minutes as the path brings you onto a cycle path  which although pretty desolate on weekdays, can be busy with cyclists at weekends. AC1475AC-650E-4F0C-84D9-14B2E1B245EB.jpegYou must walk to the right but only for a couple of minutes. Be careful not to miss the little bridge on your left.  BAD80AF3-801D-4849-B7DD-23EF4485E753.jpegOnce over the bridge, you can release your dog again and he/she can enjoy a refreshing drink, even swim, in the river below. Before you start the ascent of the long flight of steps, you will see a commemoration plaque on the rock face above you, to Jaroslav Foglar. Foglar was a Czech author, born in Prague in 1907. His father died when he was very young therefore he was brought up by his mother in modest surroundings. Highly influenced by nature and boy scout type hiking activities, he worked as an editor for youth magazines, in a well-known Prague publishing house, Melantrich. His best known novels involve groups of male youths having adventures akin to those of Blyton’s Famous Five. So now that you have reached the top, you have a path going left, one going to the right almost behind you and another to the right just in front of you. This is yours. Go right until you reach the wooden fence with a house beyond. Follow the path up to the left. You will see a monument set among bushes above you, to your left.  At the end of this path go around the low-roofed building on your right. Walk right around the whole building to your right (so do not go down towards the road), and you will find yourself in Bublavska street, facing a ranch-like arch labelled as « Cerný Kohout ».  B6C74684-FA10-4F85-9487-4AD977932EF6.jpegThis is a typical Czech hospoda (bar/restaurant) where you can have a drink or small meal. In Summer there is an outdoor terrasse and at weekends, also a more secluded one to the rear, indicated zahrada. In Winter, your dog is wecome to join you inside where there is often a dog-welcoming waiter, a warm atmosphere and a blazing fire. If you are in no need of refreshments, put your dog briefly on the leash here, as you will turn down the narrow lane on the left. Beware exiting the lane as it joins a steep road where cyclists literally race down the tarmac towards the cycle path. Cross this road carefully and your path is slightly to your left. I know, it looks bizarre ; the bridge has decidedly collapsed…A738BD06-7776-47D6-8FA8-6F18BE58361E.jpeg but you can still cross ; it’s perfectly safe. Go straight on up the little steps. I know, it seems like you are tresspassing ; you are not. You will find yourself face to face with the most delightful little chata (country hut) with creeping ivy all over the barriers. F0777374-68A4-4385-BE5D-34E366B7AD53.jpegThere is a tiny path to the left of the chata, which you must follow. Keep following this narrow, peculiar little path. Keep winding upwards, following the path. When you get to the forest, keep going straight on.  B572640D-6A67-4B6E-B1F9-25C85D0F43BE.jpegYou will arrive at the top, facing an open field where modern appartments have been built in the distance to your left.  1CEBC380-25A8-4094-8C86-82D3BFFBC68B.jpegYou have arrived at Barrandov. If you wish to end your walk here, it is possible ; the following directions will lead you to a tram terminus. Take the path along the edge of the field to your left, keep going straight on into the next field. You will pass a beautiful entrance to a secluded, private home. When you reach the end of this field, turn up to the right and as you emerge onto the road, you will find yourself directly at the trams 12 and 20 terminus in Barrandov.

However, if you wish to continue, you are more than halfway through your dogwalk when you arrive at the open field and the best is yet to come ! Go right towards the bench then as the main path dips down to the right, you must leave it, choosing a minor path going straight on. Keep following the path. When this minor path joins a wide, main path again, go left and follow the path until you bet to the road. At the road, turn right and follow to the railway tracks (Praha-Holyné station). Cross the tracks, (exercise caution as like most minor train stations in the Czech Republic, here, there are no safety barriers. Then cross the wooden bridge over to your right and go straight on up a hill. After a few steps you will see a path branching off to the right, bearing green trail markers. If you have time, you can follow this path for 10 minutes before returning to this wide path. This green trail leads you to one of the sites in this area where archeological excavations took place.

473B138A-B906-4C06-A542-B44C7C0CB742.jpegThe man photographed on the information board is a Frenchman,  Joachim Barrande (1799-1883), who was educated at the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris and who, although an engineer, found himself employed as a tutor to the grandson of Charles X. He followed the family, once in exile, to England, Scotland and finally ended up in Prague. Attracted to the fossils in the Bohemian rocks, over ten years, he made detailed geological and palaeontological studies, employing manpower, to an estimated cost of £10000, to excavate over 3500 species of fossil. In 1884 these rocks were named after him and then in 1928, so too was the district Barrandov which you spotted earlier across the field. So, that was just to take a peek at Barrande rocks.

You must retrace your steps back to the left again. You will notice green trail markers. 718B9A20-D5D5-40D3-B361-2C830B110520.jpegKeep going until you reach the signposts for cyclists. Follow the signpost indicating Velka Ohrada to the right. (*) Once on this wide, water damaged path, after only a couple of meters, take a very small path to your right which cuts through thickish trees. Keep following the path and just before it ends, branch to the right and climb to the top where a huge electricity pylon is located above you to your left. You will find yourself on a grassy path just below the pylon, which you must follow to your right. At the end of the field, follow the dirt path slightly to your right, which dips into a hollow and up again.  76D5A273-70E7-4EAC-948F-50DF6D32BC09.jpegYou will arrive in a grass passage way with pretty gardens on your left.  9A579551-E27F-4B33-AAC3-86E157F5D426.jpegThere is a road ahead, but just before the road, right at the metal barrier, you will follow the dirt track to your right.  F3AAF8B2-0EFC-4E49-A6F0-56BA47B4E72D.jpegHere, you will pass in front of an unexpected homestead, with a dairy cow, a couple of goats, a beautiful horse, a braying donkey, a huge pig and about 5 dogs in the family. In case you have time to read a novel in Czech, in Summer, there is a shelf of books set out for passers-by and a nice little bench overlooking the cliff and valley. The location is quaint, peaceful and unexpected. We like it here. Keep going down the path into the forest and you will arrive at a crossroads. You will go left and keep going left along the tarmac cycle path. Beware of cyclists here and unfortunately there is even an unwelcome car from time to time. Your dog can drink at the stream then you may want to take him/her on the leash for a few minutes or walk on the left hand side of the cycle path where there is a wide grass area. However, you are not going to be walking along this cycle path for long, and here you must be very careful not to miss your next path as it is located on the other side of the barrier and little stream. This path leads to a peaceful, very isolated location that few locals know is there. You will need to let your dog off the leash to get over the barrier as he/she will have to go underneath. You will go under fallen tree trunks. D169FDA4-DDCA-4518-95A3-3298C281ECF8.jpegand find yourself in an entirely unexpected zen clearing where a couple of climbers may be scaling the rock face, bathed in sunshine.  4F631CB2-05B1-4D4D-9333-3DCF184F8D54.jpegIf you are a climber, this place is a hidden paradise. 24D501DB-91BA-4218-A65F-806F68C4C3BA.jpeg The difficulty of the climbs are variable and you can access the top in order to let down your rope. Once you have had a look at this marvellous little niche, you will take the path to your left, 4E911DBF-95B9-4BCC-8155-71F5694332FB.jpeg which starts with a couple of steps then becomes a smooth dirt slope where you will have to ease yourself upwards by the aid of a slanting tree trunk then plants growing to the right. Keep going up and you will come to stairs in the rocks.  A0A1DD7C-32D0-408E-A041-43AE45431A9F.jpegGo all the way up to the top and you will find yourself on a vast, wild, grassy plateau. Follow the path round to your left until you are walking along a narrow path with the forest on your left and the wild, grassy area on your right. You will pass a sign post indicating that you are at Butovické Hradiste. Keep going and when you reach the end of the second field, go left. There will be a fence on your right as you walk. When you arrive at the field with a bench to the right, you must keep going straight on towards the signpost directly opposite you.  43C1DA2A-293F-431F-93E7-F758A54FBD38.jpegHere, you have  several paths and you must follow the one, sloping down to the right, almost directly behind the signpost and tree. Keep walking and you will arrive right back at your starting point.

Can you believe that you are right in a capital city, in the heart of Prague 5, 100 meters from a shopping mall, between two metro stations and next to the Humanities faculty of Charles University ? Isn’t Prague just amazing !

We hope that you enjoyed this walk. We’d appreciate if you could scroll down and leave your feedback in the reply zone. Cheers!



  1. Just back from the walk, tired and happy 🙂 beautiful area in the city which feels wild, a bit demanding with ups and downs and muddy in December; perfect for out of the city feeling and freedom for dogs. Enjoy 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I did this walk when I was visiting prague and it was a good work out and a nice way to see the green side of the city for an afternoon! Thanks for sharing!


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