8 – Srbsko – Bubovice waterfalls

This interesting trail starts and finishes on the flat but dips and rises throughout. It leads you mainly through shaded forest. Two variations are possible.

Access : by train from Smichovské Nádraží to Srbsko. From the train platform, cross and walk across the blue road bridge. Continue through the village to K Vodopádům (15 mins walk).

By car : Drive to Srbsko. Do not continue into the centre of Srbsko but park in Karlštejnská street at the recycling containers. Walk back up the street you have just driven down to K Vodopádům. The walk starts here.

Difficulty : moderate (1 steep climb) Distance : 9,5 km (or 16 if you include Svaty Jan pod SkalouDuration : approx 2h15 or 3h30 for detour variation 2

Tips : Recent hot periods and a general lack of precipitation has transformed the Bubonice waterfalls into dry rock pools (August 2018). In Summer, generally speaking, the water does not usually flow from pool to pool however the pools themselves have always remained full, but not this year. To witness the waterfalls in all their splendour, March is the safest bet. GPS reception is low throughout this walk.

Summarized itinerary : Srbsko – k vodopádů – (blue) – kubrychtova bouda (red) – bubovické vodopády – propadlé vody (variation 2 : add honický skanzen – Svatý Jan pod Skalou)- Hostim – Srbsko

Detailed itinerary : Go to the end of K Vodopádům street. When it becomes a country path, bearing blue trail markers, you can release your dog.

You may pass a beautiful herd of goats enclosed in a temporary pasture.

At Kubrychtova bouda keep going straight on, following red trail markers. Presently, you will arrive at the Bubovice waterfalls, bubovické vodopády. There are wooden handrails to prevent accidents ; some rocks are polished and slippery so do use the rails to assist your descent. Depending on the season, the scenery is very variable.

In Summer, you mustn’t expect to see the waterfall.


Soon, you will follow a red arrow up to the left img_4371and will continue through a forest of tall trees (a cocktail of sessile oak, european beech, sycamore maple and small leaved lime). At the signpost propadlé vody, you have two options.

For a longer variation (add approximately 1h30 to the duration of the walk), go right, following the educational trail markers. When you arrive at the rails (dissused railway track for the mines), you can follow them for about ten minutes and you will arrive at honický skanzen, a limestone mining museumTake a look and then walk back along the rails to the educational trail again. Keep following the trail and you will eventually pass a steep flight of steps on your right (which luckily you have avoided climbing) and you will arrive here with an absolutely astonishing view of the village Svatý Jan pod Skalou, nestling in the valley.8EAEE137-244B-487E-9991-EA2F5C9D3089

In windy weather, be careful near the cross and make sure that your dog does not venture too close to the edge as the drop is sheer.

The history of this picturesque village claims that a Czech Christian hermit lived in a cave below this cliff for over 40 years. This was in the 9th century. Looking down, you will see a Benedictine monastery. Now return to the steps and follow them all the way down to the village. There are a couple of peacefully located cafe and restaurant terrasses if you have time for a short rest. I’ve been told by a friend that the hotel restaurant Obečna Škola concocts a wonderful “coq au vin”. Then (with your back to the path you came down), you must go left and follow the road to the next village, Hostim. Your dog will need to be on the leash during this section of the walk. Resume the walk description at the symbol 🍀.

If you opt for the 9,5 Km version of the walk, at propadlé vody, turn left and follow the green trail down to the village Hostim. Just as you emerge from the forest, you will find a functional, hand operated water fountain should your dog require a drink.

You will need to anticipate the road ahead and put your dog on the leash. When you arrive at the main road of Hostim village, go left and continue along the road Karlštejnská 🍀 until you arrive at the road sign indicating that you are leaving Beroun/Hostim which is just before the road disappears round a bend to the right. You must go right, down a cycle path, with a stream on your right. This path eventually leads to a bridge which you must cross, followed by another new bridge which leads onto a flat cycle path running along the Berounka river.

Follow the cycle path to the left (river to you right) and you will see ahead of you, the blue road bridge connecting the village of Srbsko with the railway station.

4269559D-007A-444E-A9F0-5057363AAD7731A74058-C78D-41CA-94EB-F069338CEC0D.jpegPerhaps before taking the train back to Prague, you might want to have some lunch or refreshments. In Srbsko, there are several restaurants. The most popular, with undoubtably the best view of the Berounka river, is the hotel retaurant U Berounky but it is often very busy at weekends and I have found the hotel restaurant Elma, further along to the right, on the street V Chaloupkach, more welcoming. If you have come by car, you just need to follow the road up through the village (Svatojanska street) to complete the circuit.

We hope you and your dog have enjoyed the colours and the atmosphere of the forest and this peaceful walk in Česky Kras. Don’t forget to leave a comment. 3F7A235E-5A32-4D1A-BEDE-5B0A8B6E336D07DF18BB-6B49-49D4-950D-D75861BB147C




  1. Enjoyed the route a lot, even without waterfalls, beautiful forest. A bit demanding with ups and downs, so good it ends with flat walk by the river. Finished with afternoon nap of course 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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