12 – Three Mills Walk

Many walking trails lead you predominantly through forests. One thing that you will enjoy about my “Three Mills Walk” is the variation : it allows you to inhale wide, open spaces before taking you into the shade and dampness of the old mills and streams and then back along a country road.  6A4C482A-B31C-4E7A-A35A-5C9DEDFD69DD

Access : By car : park at the cross on the road Zadni Kopanině and you are at the start of the walk.

By bus : take the bus 246 from Sidlíště Stodulky and get off at the stop Zmrzlik. Start your walk by taking the street Na Zmrzliku. Buses are infrequent therefore it is better to check return times before your departure. 

Difficulty : Easy                 Distance : 7,5 Km              Time : approx 1h50

Summarized itinerary : Zmrzlik – (red trail) Na Parkáně – Maškův Mlýn – Taslarův Mlýn – Kalínův Mlýn– (blue trail) Ořech – Zmrzlik

Detailed itinerary : If you have parked your car at the cross, head down the country path towards the electrical distribution plant and when you get right to the end of the path, go right and you will find red trail markers.


If you have come by bus, walk down the street Na Zmrzliku, past the stables and into the fields. You must follow the path which goes round a fence to the right then veers left and goes straight on. Go right to the end of this path until you are parallel to the electricity plant and you will find red trail markers to the right.

Follow the red trail markers leaving the electricity plant behind you. The trail is very beautiful.


When the path becomes rocky and zigzags downwards, anticipate the road ahead and put your dog on the leash. You have arrived at the first old mill, Maškův Mlýn.


Go right and walk round the bend. After the pond, turn left onto a wide trail.


As you advance, a stream runs to the left and you will arrive at the second mill ; Taslarův Mlýn.


You must keep following the red trail markers which will take you over the streams and finally along to the third mill ; Kalínův Mlýn.


At Kalínův Mlýn you will change trail, following the blue/red markers up to the right. Then you will keep on the blue trail which becomes a wide unsurfaced road. Cars are extremely rare.


You will follow this road quite a distance, towards Ořech. When you pass the kennels on your left, put your dog on the leash as there is a road ahead. You must walk straight on towards the first houses.

If you have come by bus, just as you reach the new houses on the right, turn right and walk through a grassy area lined with young trees. This path veers left and brings you onto a newly surfaced road. Go right and keep going, passing the huge wooden cross, and at the end of the road, you will find your bus stop.

If you have come by car, you must walk further, turning into the street Hajovka. Continue straight on until the path becomes a beautiful country path with some benches and apple trees. As you arrive at the pond, you will spot two white sculptures, a male and a female figure, and you will see your car parked straight ahead at the cross.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk. Please do not forget to add your comment to assist other potential walkers.783C2F3C-E61B-4EBB-AF38-88D683332918

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