12 – Řevnice – Forest Drama

No form of art renders a story nor dialogue more memorable to me than a well performed play, and in Prague, there is such a huge variety of theatres and drama companies that one is often spoiled for choice. However, I must say that the last thing I was expecting to stumble upon, in the middle of a forest …was a huge outdoor theatre ! I couldn’t believe my eyes! What is more, not far from the theatre, amidst the trees, I discovered a little hut which would appear to transform into a bar on theatre nights ; wooden ledges have been crafted around surrounding trees where spectators can gather to have a drink during the interval or after the performance.

Utterly amazing ! I can think of nowhere, (including Shakespeare’s Globe), more magical, to stage, or in my case, watch “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. 

Access : by car : Drive to Řevnice (25 Km from Prague) and park for free here 49°54’40.420″N, 14°14’1.353″E. By train : from Řevnice train station, go right, through the carpark and follow the green trail markers which will lead you through the town. Cross naměstí Krale Jiriho z podébrad and go right on Pražska then up to the left until you arrive here 49°54’40.420″N, 14°14’1.353″E . By bus : from Zličin to Řevnice Naměstí.

Park and start walk HERE

Difficulty : easy    Distance: approx 10 Km    Time: approx. 2h

Detailed description : Take the little path to the right of the play park and when you arrive at the bridge, cross it and start following the blue trail markers left, in the direction of Pod Stražným. You will come across the outdoor theatre, Lesní Divadlo Řevnice, mentioned and photographed in the introduction. Continue on the blue trail which will soon cross a main road (so put your dog on the leash briefly).

The trail continues through the forest until you arrive at a section which has been totally relandscaped to accommodate a long line of huge electricity pilons.

Here, a blue triangle indicates that you have the possibility – which I recommend – of climbing to the top of Babka before proceeding to the right. So, follow the blue triangles.


The path becomes very rocky and the top of the hill, indicated by a blue square, informs you that you are 506m above sea level, at the top of Babka. You will need to go back down again in order to keep following the blue trail. You will follow the blue trail until you reach Pod Jezírkem where you must go right on the yellow trail. Your dog will  be able to drink and bathe in a river and natural pond as you follow this pretty yellow trail. Once you arrive at the picnic table and man-made pond, you have the choice of staying on the yellow trail and going down to the right, which leads you along a wide country path/road, across the main road again and right back to where you started. This is the path I took, but it was fairly monotonous.

Next time I will try out the green educational trail path instead, going straight on from the picnic table, which does not bring you directly back to the start but there is the possibility of joining the yellow trail again by crossing to the right again (see map).C9A37455-8AC7-420C-9F48-C99AF4682E46

We hope you enjoy your walk. Share your comments to offer feedback and your impressions. Cheers! ZaK

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