15 – Tunnel treck

A 2h30 dog walk which takes you past old limestone quarries and through a tunnel, dating from 1930, used to transport excavated stone.

Arlo and Merlin join us on the Tunnel Treck 🙂


Access : Take yellow B metro line to Nové Butovice. Walk to Galerie Butovice shopping mall. Follow the footpath running along the side of the kika store to here 50°2’45.476″N, 14°21’6.701″E By car : park in the Galerie Butovice underground car park, as far to the right hand  end of the carpark as possible (3hrs free Mon-Fri, 5hrs free Sat-Sun). Exit using the ramp furthest to the right, cross over the small roundabout and you will be directly at the path where the walk begins. 50°2’45.476″N, 14°21’6.701″E

Distance: 12 Km.                Time: 3 hours.       Difficulty: easy- medium

If you have come from the metro and passed the shopping mall, follow the downward sloping footpath and veer right to walk along the right hand side of the artificial lake. Continue to follow the path round towards the left and you will cross a tiny stream and cut through some trees and across a tarmac path, then arrive at a huge field. In Summer you will need to walk round the contour of the field (up to the right then left) but in Winter you can just cross the entire field in a diagonal line, in the direction of the apartment blocks. As you emerge from the field, follow the dirt path (apartment blocks to your right) and cross the small road and cross the next huge grassy field. A wide path veering down towards the left will take you to Holyně station. Cross the train tracks and head up the path towards the right.

At the cross, do not turn up to the left but keep going straight on. Follow the dipping and winding forest path and you will emerge at a beautiful, huge, grassy clearing. Keep going straight on to cross the clearing. (If you have time to spare, you will find a piled up mound of stones over to the far right, which marks a tiny, half-concealed path which you can follow down, into the first abandoned quarry. Climbing the hill, will also give you a birds-eye view of an adjacent quarry, partially filled with water. After taking a look, you will need to return to the clearing). You will go along a wide grassy passage way which is heavily marked by vehicule tyre tracks and this will bring you into another smaller clearing. Go straight on towards the trees and you will find a very narrow path which dips and rises sharply. A man has chosen to set up his make-shift home right bang in the middle of this path, complete with pots and pans hanging on sticks. Unfortunately there is no other access to the field above so you either need to walk round the outskirts of his home to be able to stay on the path, or do what we do, and scramble up through the trees to the field, just before we reach his shelter. Here, you will find yourself in a huge field with an oasis of hay in its centre, serving as an open-air stable for some cattle. Go left and under the wire and you will find yourself on the official footpath. The erection of the farmers fence right along the edge of the quarry (located on your far-right but still invisible at present) has inconveniently deprived walkers of the official footpath. My dogs never show any interest in the grazing cows and trot swiftly along the edge of the fence, however depending on your dog’s behaviour, you may want to put him very briefly on the leash if you think he will charge over to challenge the cows. They are not dairy cows, therefore slightly less docile. You will see a road heading down to the right. Turn into this road but then turn sharp right and follow a grassy minor path  (precisely at the end of the water-filled quarry which you will be able to see, finally). Follow the path down, then left through the rocks, to here.

Then over to your right, you will find this opening which you and your dog can pass through 🤙6EAF7071-FFC4-4F80-A1E9-035562AA156C.jpeg Pass through the tunnel. You may need a light. And arrive here.

Continue to here.

You will find metal stairs, leading up to the street above (your dog can climb up the embankment to avoid the spooky staircase with scary holes). Here you will need to put him on the leash to go along this street to the left, turn right through the tunnel then immediately right again.5B1C16A8-CB0B-49D3-ABD7-9DC3DE82D03F You can then follow a marked, green trail towards the right, which will take you along a nice walkway, all the way back to Holyně station, where you can retrace your steps back to the lake and galerie butovice shopping mall.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk ! Don’t forget to scroll down to the “leave a reply” section and add your photos or feedback. Cheers !

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  1. I loved this walk, it was a bit muddy in some parts, and it is important to have good shoes, I got help in some areas that are a bit slippery and also a couple helped me with my backpack to enter in the tunnels, if I do this walk again I will remember to take a flashlight for the tunnels, it is dark and I couldn’t see the walls as my phone didn’t have a good flash light. I enjoyed this walk, and if you do it on summer be careful with the ticks and protect yourself and your dog, some areas have very high grass. It was a lot of fun, it was a great adventure and good to see this part of Prague.

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  2. Very nice long walk, even in November, a bit muddy so can’t plan anything fancy straight after walk 🙂 Wide meadows, some overgrown areas, forest, signs of boar and deer, and tunnels adding adventure mode. All in the city area, Prague is amazing in this sense once you have someone showing such places, no way could find the tunnels by luck. Dog had fun and very long sleep after 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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