16 – Osada Hawai

An easy walk along a pretty stream with holiday huts (chata) to a location, somehow known as Hawai, then back to Davle along the banks of the Vltavá.A7967976-B977-4646-83CD-A05ABF89CE95

Access: By car : park in the free carpark at the supermarket in Davle. By bus : take the bus from Smichovské nádraží to Davle and cut through the carpark located to the left of the supermarket.

Difficulty: easy   Distance : 12 km  Time : approx 2h30

summarized itinery: Davle – (cross bridge and go left on red) – Libřice – (blue) – Na Dolích – (blue) – Hawai – (green) – Zahořansky důl – (green) – Petrov – (green) – Petrov u Prahy train stop – (red) – Davle 

Detailed itinery : Go through the car park until you are on the banks of the river Vltáva and go right. Cross the bridge and walk along the side of the railway tracks going left. There are frequent vehicules therefore if you decide to let your dog of the leash at this point, exercise caution. Personally, I keep my two on the leash a little longer. Follow the red trail markers to Libřice then switch to the blue trail markers.C8F8EB48-F2F1-4420-97B6-4C5A540DEA28Keep on the blue to Na Dolích and continue, still on the blue, to Hawai. Be careful not to miss Hawai as the signpost “Hawai” is on a tree on the other side of the stream. Cross the little bridge, picking up the green trail.

You will find yourself walking up a wide track, through a beautiful pine forest. The path becomes narrower as you follow the green trail to Zahořansky důl, then all the way to Petrov.

Once you arrive in Petrov, you will need to put your dog on the leash for 15 minutes. Go right along the street U Ručiček then turn left into K Nádraží. There is a little shop on the left if you need to buy water or a snack. Keep going, following the green trail markers, all the way to the train tracks at Petrov U Prahy station.

Here, do not cross the bridge but go right, following red trail markers, along the river, all the way back to the bridge at Davle. (Photograph: people marking out an ice-skating rink on the frozen Vltava river).

We hope you have enjoyed your walk. After your dog walk, we would be really happy if you could scroll right down to the reply zone and take a few minutes to leave your feedback.87B2FD57-AC11-4EDA-A86A-33E1CA51BC1CFABC5B77-CFB1-45A4-9522-D3D73400614A

One comment

  1. Thank you for sharing this route! I did this walk with my two border collies and we enjoyed it a lot! We stopped at times when they went swimming. It took us almost 2:45 hrs, I can’t imagine doing it in less without really pushing the pace.
    I was somehow anticipating the Hawai sign to be somewhere at the start, but I would say its about a third of the way through the hike, which for us was about 45 minutes. I’m mentioning this detail because I was frantically looking for the sign, but actually it is hard to miss since signage for the green & red trail markers is quite conspicuous. All in all, a really peaceful and easy going walk!

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