18 – ZaK’s Lookout Trail

If you enjoy discovering vantage points which allow you to survey the kingdom like royalty, this 15K treck, with its sensational, commanding lookout points, will leave you feeling very satisfied. D5617735-EE01-4B08-B1D9-CB787B3173CF

Access : By car: Take the Ustí nad Labem road, go through Děčin to Hřensko and drive to Jetřichovice where you can park in a small car park near the church. (2h from Prague) By train: from Hlavní nádraží to Děčin then by bus from Děčin to Jetřichovice via Mezní Louka.

Tips: Do this trail from mid February – mid March (snow has melted, rendering the trail safe however hiking tourism hasn’t started yet) and you will literally have the whole place to yourself ! Carry your own snacks/lunch as no restaurants are open until the end of March. Buses are infrequent outwith the Summer period, making driving the best option. If you want to stay the night with your dog, I recommend staying in one of the haylofts at U Fořta, in Mežní Louka, where dogs are welcome on the ground floor.

Difficulty : moderate  Distance : 15 Km.  Time: 2h30 (including picnic stop and constant photo moments)

Summarized itinery : Jetřichovicekostelik (blue) – Pohovka (red) – Rudolfův kámenVileminina stěnamariina skálaJetřichovice


Detailed description : Find the car park next to the church and find the blue trail markers going up to the right hand side of the church. Do not follow the road round to the right but keep going straight on, on a path which cuts through a beautiful meadow. To your dog’s utter delight, the trail will start like this :


You will pass a bench for cat lovers. Somewhat appropriately, my two honest hiking partners would not comply when I tried to get a photo of them, at this bench.


Follow the blue trail markers all the way to this beautiful little chapel, set in the middle of nowhere, displaying a rather antequated depiction of a badass angel, wreaking Guernica-like havok. 21BFE252-686A-4F5E-8351-5B76051E746C


Just beyond kostelik, you need to turn right and follow red trail markers upwards, between the rocks. As you climb and weave your way round paths under rock faces, the surrounding nature is fantastic.


Pass Pohovka and stay on the red trail until you arrive at Rodolfův kámen. This is your first amazing lookout point, it’s dog accessible and this is where we had our lunch break.5F795A63-9DBB-4184-BEE2-3FB9E523A0C4


The signposting here is erroneous. It indicates a yellow trail but in fact it is red. Keep on the red trail and you will arrive at your next lookout place. It is utterly fantastic : Vileminina stěna.FBC2642C-8577-4115-A5A0-1CB2F8B662B4


You will beable to cast your eagle eye over Bohemian Switzerland and, in the distance, perched on a rocky pillar, you will spy your third lookout point. Vileminina Stěna lookout has been conveniently equipped with excellent geographical, relief tables which will allow you to identify the various hills and rock formations, visible from the platform. Finally, follow the red trail markers all the way to Mariina skála, the ultimate commanding vantage point !


The remainder of the red trail leads you down past a picnic table, sheltered under the over-hang of dripping rocks B3AA6D70-E2B8-452D-ADE0-E0885B8DFC0F.jpegand through an area of which 17 hectares of forest were claimed by a week long raging fire in 2006. The forestry commission, courageously, took the active decision to remain inactive and to allow nature to revive itself in the magical phoenix fashion that nature always does.

We trust you will absolutely adore this dog hike. Remember that you can only do this walk off-leash, in the periods I have indicated in the “tips” section.

Please don’t forget to scroll down to the remarks section and to leave your comment as feed-back, and to assist other walkers. Cheers ZaK and pups.

© All images and text subject to copyright. Reproduction only with permission of dogwalksprague.blog3DB2D5A1-841C-484C-A704-768A6CEB98F5


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