21 – Iconic village

An uphill and down dale walk, which leads to a historic village in a charming setting. Here, you may want to enjoy a first class lunch, before returning to your point of departure on an entirely flat path.8EAEE137-244B-487E-9991-EA2F5C9D3089Access : by car : (25 mins from Prague) – Heading in the Plzeñ direction, take exit 14 towards Křivoklát, after the level crossing over the railway tracks, go left into Brožikova then right, Zborovské nádřaží, and before the road starts going up towards the right, go straight on, on prof Veselého and park, free of charge, in carpark 1 (located 200m before the rehabilitation facility, Rehabilitačni centrum). You will find the forest path at the far end of the carpark.

By train : Take the train to Beroun and follow the red trail markers in the direction of Rehabilitačni centrum.

Difficulty : difficult (only due to one arduous climb). It is possible to amputate this section from the walk entirely. See detailed description). Distance : 13 Km  Duration : approx 2h30

Tips : 1) Carry a pen if you wish to leave a trace of your presence in the log book (Dub na Herinkách). 2) If you plan to have lunch at the village restaurant, on Sundays (or for a group) it is best to reserve http://www.hotelobecnaskola.cz/en/. 3) Your dog will have no access to water during the first section of the walk, before arriving in Svatý Jan. Thereafter, he will have constant access to water (stream then Berounka river).

Summarized itinerary : carpark at Nemocnice Rehabilitačni centrum de Beroun  – Dub na Herinkach – Kaple Sv Maxmilian – Klaster benediktinu – Svatý Jan pod Skalou – Beroun hospital carpark

Detailed description : Head up the forest path at the far end of the Beroun rehabilitation centre carpark. For the first 15mins of this walk, the drone of heavy vehicules churning down the D5 is alas audible and it may strike you as incongruous that planning permission for a hospital unit, specialized in the therapy of road accident victims was granted in a location so heavily disadvantaged by noise pollution from traffic… However, if you can put up with the brief intrusion, the silence of nature prevails as you veer right, deeper into the forest. Follow the freshly painted, red trail markers to Dub na Herinkach where you will find a log book stored under the table.img_4460

Keep following the red trail markers and when you start descending at the iron hand rail, be aware that you are about to exit the forest onto the only road which leads to the village, therefore anticipate vehicules and put your dog on the leash.img_4462

Go right.  If you do not wish to climb to the clifftop, you can continue straight to the village, nestled below the rocks and have a drink or meal at the restaurant. In this case, you must go straight on, then turn right in front of the monastery and you will find the restaurant Obečný Škola near the end of the road to your right.

The history of this picturesque village claims that a Czech Christian hermit lived in a cave below this cliff for over 40 years. This was in the 9th century.


However, if you do not want to miss seeing one of the quaintest villages in the Czech Republic (in my humble opinion) from a most stunning perspective and you favor physical exertion over coffee as a way of increasing the rate of your pulse, I strongly advise that you turn left just after St. Maximilian church and follow the green educational trail markers. These will merge with the red trail at the little chapel Povyseni svaté Kříže.  Continue to the top and proceed to the cross, where a heavenly view of the Benedictine monastery will reward your climb.


Finally, follow the red trail all the way back down into the village of Savtý Jan Pod Skalou and go down the street facing you, as you emerge from the path, where you will find the restaurant. If you favour forest paths over cycle paths, you may prefer to retrace your steps back to the carpark in Beroun following your meal.4D1632AA-F2B7-4F25-AC6F-457FBF7332F1

However, to complete the 13 Km circuit, facing the monastery, go right and walk through the village of Hostim until you arrive at the bend in the road where a road sign informs you that you are leaving Hostim. Turn right onto the cycle path (walking with a stream to your right). Continue all the way to the Berounka river then turn right and walk all the way back to Beroun on the river bank. In Summer, at weekends, many cyclists use this path therefore it is advisable to put your dog on the leash whenever you do not have clear visibility of the stretch in front of you and behind you. When you arrive at the road, go left to return to the station, or right to return to the hospital car park.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk. Don’t forget to scroll down to the comments section and leave your trace here too. Cheers !73117C97-1CEB-42BC-B2C5-CFB34280CCF485AD364B-FE62-4A7C-8064-10443AD26683

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