23 – Přírodní Park Radotinsko-Chuchelský haj

A pleasant hike along the borders of the Český Kras region, which offers a complete overview of Radotín-Chuchle nature park (Přírodní park Radotinsko-Chuchelský haj).AD9EEE71-247C-439F-8C18-968E8853E7B5

Access : by train: from Smichovske Nádraží or Hlavní Nádraží to Radotín station. At náměstí Osvoboditelů find red trail markers and follow them past the cinema on Na Výšince. By car : Park in Otinská, Radotín, just beside the cemetry and follow red trail markers into forest. 49°59’0.408″N, 14°21’10.852″E

Difficulty : moderate Distance : 12 Km Time: 2h40

Summarized itinerary : Radotín – (red) Na Pískách – Sulava – (blue) Kulivá hora – Kalinův mlýn – (see instructions) Kosoř – Radotín

Detailed description : The trail commences to the left of the cemetry, located on Otinská street and starts with a steady, ten minute climb. The wide path levels out and leads you through a heavily exploited forest of Scots pine. This chaotic, timber-strewn stretch fortunately gives way to a more preserved area of oak, and information boards inform you that the slope to your left, overlooking the Berounka river, is part of the Staňkovka nature reserve where the base rock is slate as opposed to the more common limestone in this region.

As you get deeper into the forest, in Spring or Summer, look closely to either side of the path and you will be amazed to find that the leafy undergrowth is littered with a colourful array of wild flowers. Even on a dull, cold morning when all petals remained tightly closed, it was beautiful ; I will return on a sunny afternoon just to take another photograph in this carpet of confetti. When you reach a small cemetry on the right, exercise caution with your dog as there is a road ahead. The red trail markers pick up again directly opposite. Presently, you will arrive at Na Pískách,a tiny village, or rather a settlement of about half a dozen houses. The stretch which follows is extremely pretty. You will pass a series of padocks enclosing several very elegant horses, continuing on a wide path until Sulava.

Here you will go right (red/green markers), cutting between two fields. At Kulivá hora switch to the blue trail and after the football field, be prepared to cross a main road (Hlavní) and the blue trail markers resume. If you are walking with your dog, I recommend turning down the third street instead of the first one, as just about every household in the streets through which the blue markers usher you, is equipped with a canine alarm ; your presence will trigger off a deafening symphony. The trail now leads you across wide, open fields then you will enter a forest and descend all the way to Kalinův Mlýn.

Walk all the way down to the bridge (but do NOT cross it) and your dog will finally be able to bathe and drink. From here, the hike no longer follows trail markers but the following instructions will lead you safely back to Radotín. Facing the bridge, you will see a path to your right. Round the corner, there is a path going straight up in front of you and another rather steep path further to your left. Climb the path furthest to your left. It becomes very steep and nearer the top, the path becomes slightly less distict, but keep going straight on until you arrive at an intersection. Go right, past the mirador, then immediately left, passing through a sort of alley, between two fences. Go straight on and you will emerge at a wild, extensive, grassy area.

Cut across the wild grassy area (forest to the left) and veer towards the right, aiming for the hollow between a mound of earth and a mound of thick shrubs and wild bushes. When you pass between both mounds, you will find a path. Go towards the right (but not sharp right) and go straight on towards a flat-roofed building.

You have arrived at Kosoř. You are going to follow the road round the outskirts of the village. Once past the customary, religious monument, go straight on, on Školská , dipping downwards on a narrow street towards the church Sv. Anna (there is a cluster of brown signposts, one of which indicates the church). Keep following Školská which veers left and passes a series of steep steps, to become Nad Vodámou. Here, look out for a very narrow path on your right which dips downwards with a tiny stream below to the right. 36234988-4FF1-4731-B0E6-DBECA168F53CYou will arrive at a minor road – be careful ; put your dog on the leash – (traffic limited to 30km/h) and you must go right, walking for approximately 5minutes. Then you will see a large path on your left (nature park signpost) which you must follow upwards into the forest. Keep going straight on and at the intersection, there are two paths going straight on.

Do not take the more messy, steep one but rather the one slightly to the right which looks more trodden. This path miraculously joins up again with the red trail markers. Follow the trail markers towards the left and you will descend the steep path which you climbed more than two and a half hours ago.

We hope you have enjoyed your walk. After the hike, we  invite you to leave your comment in the “reply” zone. Cheers ZaK and A.EC0F290D-241B-4BFE-9757-C02C40D87913

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