25 – Destiny’s Trilogy -part 2 : Celtic Way

This is a figure of eight circuit, concocted in a beautiful area where, in the distant past, Celtic treasure was found then fossil treasures discovered. Today, you and your dog can enjoy discovering nature’s treasures, in the form of wide open spaces and a gorge waterfall.68A97CE1-3137-4326-BA5E-A9B3AA233F6C

Access : By car : Drive to Skryje Park for free in the church car park; 49°57’54.807″N, 13°46’2.276″E and walk back up the road to the signposts on your left.

Difficulty : easy – moderate (2 very short climbs) Time : 1h40 (or 3h50+ for longer circuit) Distance : 9,8 Km (23 Km)

Detailed itinerary : Skryje became widely known due to the French paleontologist, Joachim Barrande (1799-1883) who conducted extensive excavations in the area, thus the bust and information board which is erected in front of the village school. The whole circuit ends at the Barrande museum located on the other side of the main road.

Follow the red trail in the direction of Skryje most. The trail begins in the most enjoyable way for your dog : bordering a sensational flat field where he can run like the wind.


Follow the red trail until you can spot the bridge but do not go down towards the bridge. Go left instead, at the bend, and climb the slope, following the blue trail which is punctuated by information on the wealth of fossils, found by Barrande. The trail leads you back to the church where you have parked and takes 30 minutes.

For the second section of the hike, return to the signposts and follow the blue trail in the direction of Slap. This trail will take you down a wide path in a pine forest. It isn’t very interesting so you can cover the stretch at a brisk pace, then the trail becomes decidedly more pleasant, as you arrive here. 2B4D165B-DF22-414D-859C-11B6001F4079You will cross a long bridge and find yourself at the perfect picnic spot !

From here, you must choose whether you want to do the shorter return circuit or the very long return circuit.

For the shorter circuit :

Return along the blue trail, back to where the path forks. Do not take the path from which you descended earlier (going up to the right) but instead, go straight on towards the little holiday huts. Follow the path right through this little holiday village, continue along the path, cross the bridge and walk across the beautiful field, heading towards the right and admiring the beautiful chalet-type chalupy. 1E365D8A-3A16-4DA7-9E32-0F1274451AAEFollow the track road and you will pick up signposting again. Follow the red trail in the direction of Kozi farm and Skryje. The trail is very pretty and leads you past another wonderful swimming spot for your dog, in the Berounka.1F189CD0-125E-4C87-8460-5E22F7F7CC19


Follow the red trail up the slope and along fields all the way back past the Barrande museum and to the church car park.

We hope you have enjoyed this very pretty figure-of-eight circuit. Please add your feedback in the reply zone. You can also follow us on Instagram at zak.578

For the longer circuit :

At the waterfall, continue on the blue trail to Jankovský mlýn then follow the green trail, going sharp right. Keep following the green trail markers and after 40 minutes, look out for the path branching up to the right, indicating Keltské poklad. This means Celtic treasure and the path will lead you to this place where celtic artifacts were discovered. Then, continue all the way to and go right towards Skryje on the red trail. Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of minor road on this stretch and your dog will be on leash at regular intervals. I have found a cross land variation which avoids this stretch entirely but I use only electricity pilons to guide me across the open fields and a river so is too tricky to communicate in an accurate way here.BEE12FC0-7A19-4D32-BA4A-A2DA75F04429

950D2FFB-7DCA-4A99-9114-827527971B0E© All images and text subject to copyright. Reproduction only with permission of dogwalksprague.blog

Short figure of 8 circuit (2 hours)


  1. Did the shorter circuit in a small pack of dogs and people. Amazing different kind of landscapes all the way. Especially loved this hidden “picnic spot”, and all the fields for the dogs to run. Next time definitely up for the longer circuit!


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