26 – Destiny’s Trilogy – part 3 : Walk on the Wild Side

The last in this series of three hikes will take you up through the wilderness of Damil, up and down forest paths, across fields and finally to the ruins of a castle and a beautiful view over the Berounka and Český Kras. The perfect all-rounded hike for curious hikers who enjoy discovering surprise locations and scenery on the way.img_6679Access : By train to Beroun, cross the footbridge, walk along the river towards Tetín and take path up over the railway to the right, following sign to restaurant. By car : Drive to Tetín. Free parking here 49°57’6.123″N, 14°5’40.131″E, to the left of the restaurant Hospůdka u plotice.

Difficulty : moderate        Distance :  approx 12 Km    Time : approx 3h30

Summarized itinerary : Damil – Kodecká – kodske polesi – koda dolní – kaskady – koda horní – kodska jeskyně – korná – Tobolka – kodske polesi – nám 9 května – hrad

Detailed itinerary : Head up the trail located directly opposite the hospoda u plotice and follow blue trail marker to the left. Just after the sign post, climb a steep, unmarked path to the top of Damil.

Looking back, your short climb will be rewarded by a beautiful view of the village of Tetín. According to legend, a life-size golden calf is buried on Damil but you must first find the location where all three churches can been seen,  and alas, the treasure will only reveal itself to a shepherd..So hard luck if you have chosen a less worthy profession ; you will need to seek your fortune elsewhere! A41499B6-F5EF-405A-A593-64478D01C306


Follow this unmarked path from the top, through the trees. It will veer towards the left then downwards and you will end up at a junction with a wider path with where you will see information boards. First go right and take a stroll through the beautiful, wild field with the mirador. (One hunter hiding from another hunter:)7FFE3CC1-BDB5-430C-8BB7-303B0DF44DB2


Then turn back and go straight on this time, past the educational board. You will arrive here >

 Now, you must follow the trail leading downwards on the right, towards the village. Once at the little road, go straight on, turn right then left down Damilská then right onto Kodecká and follow the blue trail markers right into the forest. This pretty path leads upwards into the forest and you just keep following the blue trail until you arrive at the junction with the yellow trail. The blue trail turns up to the right and you will come back to follow it, however, before doing so, head straight on, following the yellow trail for just a few minutes and leave the trail, going left down a steep diagonal path where you can hear the trickling of water. (In Summer, the little stream may be dry but you will be walking down the path with a garden fence to your right). Pass some ruins and keep going downwards.

You will arrive at a pretty river bed where the water trickles down a series of gentle stairs of rock, forming little fairy pools. Your dog will be able to cool off in a chilled manner..

or alternatively, ….have a good old riot with some friends.

Go back up and keep following the blue trail. You mustn’t miss the little path on your left, just before the next signpost, which will lead you here :40F55D4C-97AC-4A65-A646-12D9AEEF3898


Continue down the blue trail and when you arrive at the fields, before getting to the road, cut across these wild and beautiful fields, to your right. As you proceed into the second huge field, you can follow a wild path upwards between two hillocks of trees and it will lead you past some bee-hives and back down into the following field.

Alternatively you can head down to the road and follow it to the village Tobolka. In either case, you will need to go to Tobolka where you will turn right and start following a green trail which branches off to the right. This trail will lead you all the way back to Tetín.

Finally, put your dog on the leash and walk up into the main village square of Tetín and go right at the pond. (At the far end of this pond, your thirsty dog will be able to paddle and drink) You will pass Saint Ludmila church on your right. You can take a peep inside.

Keep going straight on and you will find yourself at a particularly beautiful site. After seeing the old castle ruins, continue to the lookout point where you can enjoy a pleasant view over the Berounka and the surrounding countryside of Český Kras.

C76A0598-382B-4B0C-86BB-1536E37F8CBDOnce back in the main square náměsti 9 května, go straight on and you will find your car, next to the hospodá where, in Summer, you may like to enjoy a refreshment and the wonderful view from their basic, but well-located rooftop terrasse.

We hope you have enjoyed this all-inclusive hike which combines historical places, nature’s hidden gems, wild open fields and pretty forest trails.

Please take some time to leave your comment in the reply zone after using the trails we share. Thank you.

.© All images and text subject to copyright. Reproduction only with permission of dogwalksprague.blog4C31D48B-D5BC-4447-AED9-716428552A59

In memory of Destiny

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