28 – Harasov lake & View of Kokořín castle

This is a great hike to do at any time of the year but in Summer you and your dog will have the added bonus of being able to go for a quick swim in Harasov lake after the walk.5689B1B5-186C-4291-81CC-B0339263140F

Access : By car : 45-50 minutes from Prague. E55 North bound and take exit 16 towards Mělník. Park for 50 Kč for the day in the carpark at Harasov lake or drive further up this road and park for free in a carpark on your left, at Kokořín dolina. By bus : from metro station Ládví (red line) take bus 349 or 369 to Mělník, u hřišté, then another bus from there towards Kokořín. Best to drive.

Difficulty : moderate   Distance :  14 Km    Time : 3h20 with short picnic break

Summarized itinerary : Harasov (red) – U Grobiána – Kanínsky Důl – Kokořín dolina – (green) Pohradská – Na Panském – Sedlec (red) – Kočičina hradskem – (yellow) Hradsko – (red) U Grobianá – Harasov

Detailed itinerary : Walk round the back of Lake Harasov, following red trail markers. This involves climbing and descending some steep steps but they are relatively safe for dogs as long as they descend slowly. Water lillies and other aquatic vegetation is predominant on the surface of the water however there are two small beaches and a clearer section for swimming, should you wish to cool down after a Summer hike. You must keep following the red trail markers to U Grobiána, Kanínsky Důl and finally Kokořín Dolina. This requires crossing the main road twice so excercise caution and put your dog on the leash briefly while crossing, as cars are frequent and often drive fast on this road. You will be walking on flat paths between a stream and rocks and will pass a natural spring. 64FC5895-F556-479B-8BAC-AFF900442019At Kokořín dolina you must switch to the green trail, going right. You will advance on a sandy path and start climbing between high rocks.33BB5A12-867B-4ED9-95AB-00FE8614B481 At Pohradská, go left on a red/green trail to Na Panském. At several intervals, you will have an excellent view of Kokořín castle. DEA33968-8481-46DA-8A23-34D93785EA64Then you must follow the green trail towards the left to Sedlec. When you arrive  at the house with the bell in front of it, you must go right, following red trail markers. Just before you arrive at Kočičina hradskem (you may have to go there then back track ten meters), there is a minor path branching off to the right. You must follow this path which bears yellow trail markers and will lead you up a steep path, culminating in a flight of stone steps, at the site where once a castle stood. At the top, go left and you will arrive in the village of Hradsko. Then keep following the yellow trail. Beware. On a recent hike here, one of the hiking signposts had fallen and was lying face down on a grass verge in the village. I propped it up, pointing in the correct direction but in case it has not been repaired, you must go straight on, into the field, towards the electicity pillon, before arriving at the village church. This pretty yellow trail will descend and bring you back out onto the main road. Go left and follow the red trail again, all the way back to Harasov lake.

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We hope you have enjoyed your walk. Adding your personal feedback in the reply zone, would be appreciated.A286B6C0-34A1-4912-9C61-6BCFF3C98B82


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