32 – Okoř ruins

This hiking circuit, with only one steep climb, cuts through flat fields and forest and takes you past the absolutely spectacular ruins of Okoř castle.482FB12D-3DA5-4F14-AFCD-365EAE3B9920

Access : By bus : Bus 100 from Zličín to K Letišti then bus 323 to Libochovíčky. By car : D0, D7 to Libochovíčky and park for free next to the children’s playground.

Difficulty : easy (but with one very steep, short climb)

Distance : 9 Km           Time : 2h

Tips : Other than the 5 minute stretch of road as you arrive in Okoř, your dog can be off leash for the duration of the walk. Before arriving in Okoř there are no water sources, however, thereafter the path borders several streams.

Summarized itinerary : Libochovíčky – Okoř – Nový Mlýn – Podholí rozc – Libochovíčky

Detailed itinerary : Standing at the three free parking spaces with the children’s playground to your right, go straight on following blue/green trail markers. Almost immediately, you will arrive at a little farm and you must follow the blue trail which cuts across vast, cultivated fields. Keep following blue trail markers and you will arrive at Okoř castle ruins. With the castle in sight, you can cut across the grassy field towards it.

In 1359, when František Rokyčansky, a very wealthy burgher of Prague’s Old Town had the castle built, it was one of the most spectacular residences of the Bohemian aristocracy, posing as fine and ostentatious competition for the nobles. Today, after being owned by many, conquered by the Tabór army, partially burned during the Thirty Year Wars, the ruins, still dominated by the high residential tower, remain truly stunning. It is possible to tour the ruins from the inside (further information below). After admiring the castle, cross the bridge and go left, following red trail markers. Adjacent to the castle, on the Zákolanský stream, stands a very fine mill and residence. For another five minutes, you will walk past a few houses therefore beware of vehicules, thereafter, the path becomes rural and deserted. You will cross an exquisite little bridge, crafted out of wood ; long twigs and branches having been intricately interwoven to create the sides.

Go left, passing Nový Mlýn with it’s many stone sculptures dotted around immaculate grounds. Pass under the viaduct then go all the way to Podholí rozc. When you arrive at the signpost, with rocks in the distance, you will need to go back a few steps as you will be turning here, to follow green trail markers in the direction of Libochovíčky. Once you cross the stream, go left and under the railway. Immediately after passing under the bridge, take the very minor path which goes off to the right, announcing a very steep and fortunately short climb. The path is marked with green trail markers, dips back down towards the train tracks (which you mustn’t cross) and it is somewhat overgrown in parts, but it is a  welcome alternative to the nearby busy road. Finally the path will veer left, leaving the noise of traffic behind and will bring you out at the little farm again. Go right to return to the children’s playpark, carpark and also bus stop.1D119EB7-2938-485A-87A4-2372B7A2EBC0

255FFBE4-8F51-490F-BB0E-F2F722B62520We hope you have enjoyed this walk and managed to take some excellent photographs of the castle ruins. Leave your comment in the reply zone, as feedback and to assist other hikers.

© All images and text subject to copyright. Reproduction only with permission of dogwalksprague.blog

Additional information about Okoř castle :

Entrance : adult 70 Kč, student 50 Kč, child 45 Kč

Opening hours : March – May and Oct – Nov : Sat and Sun 10h – 16h30 and June – Sep : every day except Mon 10h – 16h30

Open air Music festival in the field in front of the castle in June and in August. Check castle website for precise dates. http://www.obecokor.cz

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