33 – Klara’s Trail

A beautiful and varied hike through both field and forest, in Prague 6, which leads you to several wonderful viewpoints while catering simultaneously for thirsty hikers and dogs. 9C2BBF4A-553C-4455-85A6-A06DE8C0454F

Access : by car : drive to Trojanův Mlýn 165 00 Prague. The car park at the mill is private however, therefore as you approach your destination, you should park before entering the forest and continue down the wide forest path on foot. By bus : Take the bus 107 from Dejvická to Suchdol and walk to the mill (20 minutes).

Difficulty : moderate       Distance : 11 Km    Time : approx 2h40 including a short break

Trojanův Mlýn is set in a beautiful location, in the center of the Suchdol – Únětice – Roztoky triangle, in Prague 6. Composed of a main building and several outhouses and barns, today, the mill has become the perfect venue for a wedding or grand event, but the grounds and structures have also been used as film sets, by cinematographers.

From the car park, cross the little stream via the sheet-iron bridge. Your dog can thus start his hike with a refreshing drink and dip, after his car journey. As you cross the grassy field, heading towards the cycle path, glance over to your left and you will spot some original living spaces, constructed by ingenious and adventurous Praguers who have found a way to discreetly incorporate a converted shipping container or gypsy caravan into this idyllic environment. When you reach the path, go left but only for a few meters. As you reach the cycle path sign, with a wooden homestead visible on your left, you must climb the forest path to your right. This path first winds then veers right (providing a beautiful view of the mill and its surroundings) and finally turns up to the left, bringing you out into a lovely big orchard of apple trees. 58680C4D-C1D7-4FC5-BAC4-55EAAB1E3A6DWalk the length of the orchard and when you emerge onto a path, running perpendicular, go right. You will be walking with an embankment and fields on your left, and fields and forest to your right.


When you reach the junction, turn down to the right. Here, you have two options : If you are already thirsty and wouldn’t like to miss the first little hospoda, you will find a steep, dirt path almost immediately on your right which will lead you down to the street below, Tiché údolí. Go left and you will find a quaint little hospoda, Hospůdka zvířátka, on the left hand side, with an outdoor seating area. While you enjoy your drink, your dog can find his entertainment, contemplating the occupants of the rabbit hutches which are piled near the entrance… Then continue down the road and turn right at the villa pictured below.


Option 2 : If you don’t yet feel the need to take a break, when, at the junction, you have turned right, do not go down the first dirt path but continue on this wide track until you reach a much wider path between two big houses, on your right. Turn down this path, which will eventually become a narrow street (Únětická) and as you emerge onto the main street, cross and continue down the street, Svojsíkovy sady, directly opposite.

Both options will lead you to a stream, with a small bridge to the left (pictured above), which you must cross.

Go left, round the building and climb the narrow trail immediately on your right. Follow the path along to the left and go right on a wider forest path, bearing yellow trail markers. You will keep following this long, yellow trail until you emerge into a grassy field with electricity lines stretching overhead. Follow the very discreet grassy trail going left. This little path leads you round the contour of the field in an L shape. On your left you will find a partially hidden entrance to a narrow trail which leaves the field and leads you round a ledge, overlooking the Vltáva. Several beautiful viewpoints await you, where both Prague castle and the Žižkov television tower are visible, in the distance.


This little trail leads you back out into the field again. Cross the field to return to the information board and go back into the forest precisely at the spot you emerged from earlier. However, now you must follow the path immediately to your left, which runs along the back of the houses. You will pass another entrance to the forest at a nursery school, mat. škola, where several paths intersect and you must keep walking straight on. This path will lead you to yet another beautiful viewpoint and then it plunges down steeply towards the river.


Follow the cycle path to the left. Bear left. This path (also Tiché údolí, like the street you walked along earlier) is bordered by a pretty stream which your dog can enjoy. You may need to put your dog on the leash at weekends as cyclists can be frequent. Tiché udolí will take you all the way back to the mill (on your left) where you have parked. It is possible to end your hike here – you will have walked a total of 7,4 Km – or you can continue along the cycle path to Únětice and have lunch or refreshments at either of the following locations : After passing the huge rectangular pond, Dolní rybník, Restaurace U Lasíků, 53/9 Tiché Údolí, is on your right. This former cart and carriage wheel-wright workshop is a quaint and very pretty restaurant, offering a varied menu of home-made pies and soups (www.ulasiku.cz). It is absolutely dog friendly as you can see :

Alternatively, walk further into Únětice and have lunch in the picturesque courtyard of the brewery, (www.unetickypivovar.cz) located in the street Rýznerova 19/5.

Finally, after an excellent lunch, head back to the pond and and finish with a last, steep climb up a path on the left. This ascent bears blue trail markers. The path will take you to your ultimate viewpoint, Alšovy vyhlídka, where you and your tired dog can admire a spectacular panorama of the forest beyond and the valley and ponds below. Do not go back down the blue trail. Instead, double back from the viewpoint and go straight on. At the intersection, go right then walk straight down the steep, open meadow to your right, and you will find yourself on the cycle path once again, directly opposite the small grassy field and the mill where you started your hike.8D624BF6-B115-404B-9951-544907F4F345

DAB772D9-315E-4EC2-B469-EE0A07937AF3We hope that you and your dog have enjoyed the hike.  Leave your comment in the reply zone to assist and encourage other walkers.

© All images and text subject to copyright. Reproduction only with permission of dogwalksprague.blog

Klara’s Trail is named after the cute, smart, four-legged scout who showed us the first section of this trail.4A965F3D-B872-478A-A1EE-C614AF3610A4




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  1. I’ve done this trail now twice, and it is just great! The area can otherwise be packed with cyclists and families but up there, on a scenic route, it is muuuuch better. I like how we have forest, field, uphill, downhill.. but particularly i enjoy that cute pub in the end 😁❤


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