6 – The Enchanter’s Trail

This 1h30 circuit has it all : enchanting forest, sloping fields, majestic viewpoint, bubbling stream, inclines and level ground…. The more curious hikers can discover a historical and  macabre site, said to be « the creepiest in Europe » and as a bonus package, on the final stretch, one can update  ones knowledge of the solar system….

This comprehensive trail is dedicated to a cute collie on his first birthday : curious, funny, loving and smart,  sporty little Merlin has been testing our trails since his early puppy days.

Photograph gallery :


Back gate of the cemetery



For full itineraries (see walk 45 for an example of itinerary details) you may wish to Purchase book 🔗 https://dogwalksprague.blog/prochazky/




  1. Beautiful forest even in November, great wide meadows, some sun & some mud – so much fun for dogs, and strange feeling from cemetery visit, abandoned human with movie shooting scene, and still visited pet resting place with pet toys, trees, and burning candles. All within Prague city limits, but feel like in countryside.

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