32 – Stations of the Cross

This beautiful itinerary cuts through a national heritage site then delves deep into pine forests, on rocky trails.

Photograph gallery :

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For full itineraries (see walk 45 for an example of itinerary details) you may wish to Purchase book 🔗 https://dogwalksprague.blog/prochazky/



One comment

  1. We didn’t have such great views on the day we did this trail, it was misty and cold. Nevertheless, it brought its own flavour into the scenery, and all and all I always enjoy going into pine forest where rocks are covered by vividly-colores green moss. It reminds me of my grandma’s forest back in my home country where we played when I was a kid.

    So yeah, i did like this trail. It was really quiet, which is always a plus after a hectic week in a city.


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