36 – Stations of the Cross

This beautiful itinerary cuts through a national heritage site then delves deep into pine forests, on rocky trails.B6C870C7-A25B-423F-A668-D4DA045743DD

Access : by car : Drive to Mníšek pod Brdy and park here, 49°52’24.017″N, 14°15’16.487″E in the street pod lesem or in one of the other short streets running parallel. By bus : From Smíchovské Nadráží, take bus 317, 393, 320 and follow green trail markers to Skalka.

Difficulty : average         Distance: 10 Km             Time: 2h

Detailed itinerary :

At the end of Pod lesem street, 49°52’24.017″N, 14°15’16.487″E go right into the forest and follow green trail markers. You will climb a rocky trail and arrive at the baroque church of Saint Mary Magdalene which is preceded by a bench and a great view.

Then you will see the magnificent stations of the cross which date from 1672 and were recently renovated, a sculpted stone being added to each station. You are at Skalká, (little rock) pilgrimage site ; also a national heritage site.

Keep following green trail markers until you find yourself at a location where if you continue to follow green trail markers you would be walking parallel to a road which is visible about ten meters to your right. You will be in a grassy clearing where a belt of trees has been felled to accommodate electricity pilons. Standing parallel to the road, leave the green trail to take a wide path branching up to the left. Keep following this long, wide, forest path going straight on until it forms a T junction with the blue trail. At this point two small streams converge and crisscross and you will see a forest pond down on the left.

Go left on the blue trail. Leave the path for 5 minutes and venture over towards the right. Near the rocky ledge, there is a peculiar site.

At Pod Jezírkem keep on the blue/yellow going left. Just before you arrive at the Jezírko signpost, on your right, you will see a commemoration tomb. The man commemorated was a local forestry commissioner who was organizing and participating in a hunt by night, on the 1st of January 1918. He was shot and killed by a fellow hunter who mistook him for game… Reading about the mishap from the information board, I couldn’t help but think that an activity involving people, armed with hunting rifles in the dark, the day after a traditional New Year’s Eve could hardly be expected to end well…. However, it was no doubt tradition and the individual was obviously highly esteemed.

Proceed to the tree bearing the blue circle and an unexpected location will become visible below : a little forest lake, surrounded by country huts. Continue to the following signposting then go left on a wide forest trail.

When you arrive at Cervený kříž go straight on, following a red trail. You will be walking briefly on a surfaced path. After a very short while, we tired of this route and instantly found a more pleasant alternative. As you get to a big wooden cross on your left, turn down the diagonal path on the right. When you reach intersecting paths, choose the path going slightly left (not sharp left). This path is beautiful. It will eventually become narrow, then rocky, and slope upward. When it levels out again, take the first opportunity to turn down to the right. You will emerge onto a wide forest path. To pick up green trail markers again, to lead you back down towards the right to where you have parked, you may need to follow the wide path towards the left for 25m, depending on where you emerged exactly from the forest.

We hope you have enjoyed this trail as much as we did. Please scroll down to the reply zone and leave a comment to give us some feedback. Cheers.

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