Month: December 2019

  • 66 – Gaïa’s Trail

    This 9Km hike in Prague 5 passes right in front of 4 Przewalski’s Horses mares who arrived in their new home on 20th of April just in time for Spring! It is the last species of wild horse. Last seen in the wild, in 1969, the breed has only survived due to captive breeding. Geologically…

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  • 65 – Pretty ponds

    A totally flat 12 Km circuit in Prague which passes 5 very pleasant and very different ponds. Suitable for both walking and cycling.

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  • 64 – Drinking Water Trails

    For decades, populations worldwide have been manipulated into replacing perfectly safe drinking water with water, bottled in plastic. Intricate advertising campaigns have etched into our minds images of bubbling brooks in a remote, natural location and giggling toddlers being tossed into the air by radient parents with teeth like refrigerators. And while the quality of…

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  • 63 – Majestic Máj

    A beautiful 6K hike at any time of the year but particularly stunning views are to be had in the heart of Winter when the contours of the landscape are dusted in snow; thus defined and highlighted! Just majestic! Difficulty : easy to moderate (when snow is deep, hiking becomes more demanding) Distance: 6 Km…

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  • 62 – Romantic ruin of Podbaba

    This short, moderately demanding 5K walk gifts you with exquisite views over Dejvice, Prague 6 and the meandering Vltava. It is perfect for your dog and easily reached by public transport. Difficulty : moderate Distance: 5 Km Time: 2h Soon, you can find ROMANTIC RUIN OF PODBABA in our new book “Dog Walks Prague Volume…

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  • 61 – Prague’s largest forest

    Whether you are looking for a relaxing or an energetic dog walk, you set off at any time of the year and spend an uplifting hour or two discovering Prague’s largest forest. Entirely flat and incredibly vast, this forest lies within the city limits. Find this trail soon in our second volume of DOG WALKS…

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  • 60 – View of Rabštejn

    A wonderful 6Km hike with a breathtaking view, suitable for families, in the less explored countryside between Plzeň and Karlovy Vary. Our second volume of Dog Walks Prague will be available soon. You will be able to find this circuit in volume 2. Already available: Our first volume : DOG WALKS PRAGUE – 39 hikes…

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  • 59 – Rocky Lookout

    A 10 Km hike which is not too demanding and offers an unexpectedly wonderful view over the hilly Křivoklát forest area. Difficulty: moderate Distance: 10 Km Time : 2h50 DÉTAILS OF THIS ITINERARY COMING SOON IN VOLUME 2 of DOG WALKS PRAGUE guide book. Dogwalksprague wishes you and your pup(s) a very Merry Christmas 2020!…

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  • 58 – Gentle Climb of Všenory

    You will climb gradually and continuously, through a forest of varied tree species. It is so beautiful that you will barely notice the perpetual positive gradient! Difficulty: moderate Distance: 5Km Time : 1h30 Access: free parking for five vehicles, opposite the starting point: Květoslava Mašity‎Všenory, Czechia Follow the yellow trail markers past the pond and…

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  • 57 – Pähkel’s Trail

    Have you ever walked in Divoká Šárka and thought “This would be so wonderful if only it weren’t so crowded.”? Well perhaps you’ve just not been choosing the best trail! Pähkel, whose Estonian name is a translation of the French one Noisette which was given to her at birth exactly five years ago to the…

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  • 85 – Follow the stream
    85 – Follow the stream

    Here is our New Year’s Day 2024 walk. A pleasant 5 Km walk in all seasons but especially wonderful in summer when you are in quest of a shaded forest with a beautiful stream to keep your dog cool. Distance: 5 Km     Difficulty: easy In the carpark, locate the picnic table and follow the path…

  • 84 – Saxony Getaway
    84 – Saxony Getaway

    Dogwalksprague has prepared a full itinerary for you and your dog to enjoy a getaway in Upper Lusatia, Saxony, Germany, just 2 hours drive from Prague. All you need to do is read, pack, and get up and go! In approximately two hours drive from Prague, you can reach Olbersdorfer See, a huge lake, near…

  • 83 – Fairytale Forest
    83 – Fairytale Forest

    Distance: 4.7 Km        Difficulty: easy (one steep climb at the end). Starting point: see circuit map below. Maxipes Fík and his little mistress, Ája open the way (point 2 on the map), an apt welcome indeed for a dog with its owner. As you climb the path, you shall embark upon a…