39 – Okres Příbram

In the Příbram district stands a valuable and well-preserved castle, built at the end of the 14th Century on an elongated platform of granite. This beautiful jewel dominates a sublime landscape of rolling grass slopes, nestling villages, hamlets and shimmering, wild lakes. This walk will take you across fields and through villages from where you can admire views of the castle, from near and afar.

This pretty trail is dedicated to Magdalena ; a nature-loving, knowledgeable friend who introduced me to this region and who, on a regular basis generously shares information about her homeland in response to my endless stream of questions related to famous Czechs, traditions and History.

Access the detailed  itinerary to 39 of our trails, complete with map, elevation and QR codes for our personalized itinerary on-line, when you purchase the book Dog Walks Prague. Coming soon!

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Photograph gallery :

© All images and text subject to copyright. Reproduction only with permission of dogwalksprague.blog


To conclude Dog Walks Around Prague, it is fitting to end on a traditional note, with the Pochod Praha – Prčice ; an annual walk which takes place in this same beautiful region. This hike is the ultimate Czech experience and I absolutely advise you to participate in it, at least once! If you and your dog share our delight in vast grassy plains and quaint Czech villages, accept the challenge !

The event takes place mid May and involves an array of hiking routes, all ending in the village of Prčice ; you just need to choose whichever route and distance best suit your commitment and your dog’s enthusiasm. The hike has been held since 1966 and owes its origins to an expression in the Czech language “Jdi do Prčice!” which basically means “Go to hell!” but literally means “Go to Prčice!” So why not take an insult literally, right ?

For the very fit who endeavor to walk from dawn til dusk, the 50K starts at Pikovice and to enroll, you need to provide a medical certificate in Czech, stating that your health and fitness are satisfactory to partake. But it is too long for dogs and who in their right mind would want to walk this far without a dog ? There are several trails in the 30K-33K range (Petrovice, Sedlčany, Střzimír trail…). There is also a 20K known as the children’s trail…ideal for an extended dog walk though technically, you may be required to recruit a human child to your pack.
So which trail is the best one to do, accompanied by your dog? I can fully recommend the Sedlčany route, which my dogs and I have enjoyed.

When all the surviving participants meet up in Prčice, there is always a friendly atmosphere of satisfied walkers, nursing blistered feet and a pint of celebratory pivo. If the bold truth be told, I should add that when we set off at 8 a.m., we were already surrounded by cheerful, chatty groups, adapting their gait to accomodate transporting their first beer of the day. Indeed, no need to drive! Special trains function for the event as well as shuttle buses to transport you from Prčice back to Prague, or to your starting point. And what is more, each year participants receive a little souvenir in the form of a plastic hiking boot (Prčický škrpál) and each year, it’s a different colour. Your dog is issued with his own pochod passport to have stamped at the various checkpoints thus he earns his own token “boot” as a reward. So what are you waiting for ? Your dog can start his collection this year and gradually turn his collar into a colourful charm bracelet !


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