40 – Teplice nad Metují & Adršpach Rocks

Two adjoining Natural Reserves of astounding rock formations in the Hrádek Kralové region, best visited early in the morning. Dogs are welcome however strict rules apply to both dogs and humans in these fee-paying vicinities. Certain trails involve climbing very narrow, steep, long flights of wooden steps repetitively. The lighter and smaller your dog, the better ! Even if it proves impossible to complete some trails with Fido, the astonishing beauty of the parks makes the trip nevertheless, worthwhile.

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Photograph gallery :

“Boring! Now show me ducks and you’ll see some action!”

For full itineraries (see walk 45 for an example of itinerary details) you may wish to Purchase book 🔗 https://dogwalksprague.blog/prochazky/

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