50 – Tutankhamun’s Trail

Tutankhamun’s Trail is an exciting circuit through beautiful forests in the Kokořín area, to an interesting and fun, sandstone labyrinth, where you will weave your way through rock passages to a huge slab called ”Tutanchamon” in Czech. Just before the end of the circuit, you will also be able to see a unique trio of “mushrooms” formed through selective erosion.

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Access : Easiest access by car; one hour drive from Prague. : Park here: 50°27.28110’N, 14°35.18422’E

Difficulty : moderate             Distance: 9,2 Km            Time: 2h

Starting point : 50°27.28110’N, 14°35.18422’E

Detailed itinerary : Cross the road and follow the path furthest to the right, straight on, into the forest. (Be careful not to chose the wrong path. Do not climb into the forest on the upward sloping path. Your path is flat, goes straight on and bears blue trail markers). Walk all the way to Náckova rokle. As you follow the path, you will pass several minor paths branching towards the right and you may want to explore a little, the cave-like formations.

At Náckova rokle, go left onto a green trail until you reach Faraon. Then, go left on the yellow trail. As you arrive on the more level path, you will spot two huge rocks over to your left – Obří hlava a žába – giant head and frog. Here you must go right, following blue trail markers until you reach Na Rovínách. Then go straight on, on a green trail which will lead you across a main road therefore exercise caution with your dog as you approach. Once across the road, keep following the green trail to Vyhlídky then bear left towards Nad Studáneckou roklí. Here, you must go left on the yellow trail. This exciting yellow trail will be something of an agility course for you  and your dog, as you pass through narrow passage-ways, climb rocky trails with magnificent protruding roots and gradually lose your sense of direction. You will start to wonder if Tutankhamun’s Trail will be like venturing into a pyramid and whether akin to the fate which befell the Egyptian tomb plunderers, you will never find your way back out… Attractive prospect indeed!

However, there is a hitch! For the truth of the matter is, that unless you have a small dog and space in your rucksack, or an extremely nimble, agile and daring dog, you will actually get stopped in your tracks just as you reach the end of the trail….at Tutanchamon! 😬😬

The very last obstacle, in the form of a short but tricky rock face which one must scale, clinging to a chain…is impassible for man’s best friend… But then I wouldn’t have called it Tutankhamun’s Trail if everything was straightforward and over in the blink of an eye, would I? Carter did after all spend years of his life, all his savings and those of others excavating profusely before discovering Tutanchamon’s tomb right next to the spot where he started digging!
You will need to back track, but the trail is as pretty and intriguing the second time, as it was the first!😁424F7DB5-FB84-468C-AFC3-B5AF840251C5

Backtrack all the way to Rovína, then in order to vary the return journey, when you reach the rocks this time, you must go straight on, on the blue trail. As you finish the circuit, you will come across an amazing rock formation in the form of 3 incredible mushrooms. This phenomenon is due to selective weathering as Ferricrete develops when the sandstone varies in grain. Here, the sandstone is medium to course- grained and this incredible formation of mushrooms is due to the varient in erosion (known as selective erosion).

At Skalní útrar Poličky, you will then descend a steep flight of steps (which will pose no problem to dogs), to return to the starting point.74C32111-F99D-4D76-822D-6BC08749AC19


And my full map itinerary :

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  1. Lovely walk through the forest, both me and my dog loved checking out the caves. Tutanchamon’s challenge with a chain claiming appeared too challenging without dog bag, as mentioned, but way back is enjoyable and seems much shorter than when heading forward.
    Recommended for those staying in the area, and also only a bit over 1 hour drive from Prague


  2. Lovely trail, enjoyed forest walk and checking out all the caves. Tutanchamon’s place with added mystery of trees growing in rocks, some stairs to climb and move caves to explore, and cheery top unmanageable small rock with a chain climb which was impossible even with small dog, because yeah who takes dog bag to the forest. Going back is fast so definitely need to try out the challenge.


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