52 – Weekend around Lipno

The area around Lipno nad Vltavou offers numerous hiking possibilities of varied length and the opportunity to chill and swim with your dog afterwards in a vast and magnificent lake. As well as beaches with safe and gradual access to the water, families can also enjoy many activities such as cycling on excellent paths, summer bobsleighing, canoeing, mountain biking etc..
Situated in Southern Bohemia, in the Česky Krumlov district, close to the Austrian border, Lake Lipno can be reached by car, from Prague, in under 3 hours. It is also possible to travel there by train and/or bus.  Both the lake and the surrounding forests and hills make it the ideal  destination for a weekend trip. 
Tips: When looking for the most suitable accommodation, you needn’t limit yourself to Lipno. Nearby Frymburk is also well situated with easy link to Lipno, via the cycle path and a boat which crosses the lake hourly, accepts bikes and even a few cars.

Access: by bus: from Na Knížecí to Český Krumlov then a bus from same bus station to Frymburk. By train from Vršovice or Hlavní nádraží to České Budějovice then a bus to Frymburk.

View of lake from beach in Frymburk 37A766A1-2866-4740-AC5A-C90B0FC6ABF4


Hike 1 – Vitkův Kamen

Difficulty: easy – moderate     Distance: 5,6 K (short version) or 17 K (long version)

Long version : Access : From Frymburk, cross the lake on the ferry from the little port Přívoz Frymburk to Frýdava (Departure every hour on the hour from 8am until 8pm in high season. It costs 20 Kč per person, 15 Kč for a bike and if you wish to take your car across instead of driving around the lake, it costs 80 Kč. Children aged 3-10 pay 15 Kč. More information can be accessed on the transport website : http://www.privozfrymburk.cz )

Starting point : When you alight, go left along the road then cross the road and follow the green trail markers. The hike starts here : 48°39.35824’N, 14°9.62900’E

Detailed description : Follow the green trail markers to Přední Výtok then go left on the red trail until you reach Uhlístě. Go left, following the red and yellow trail markers to Svaté Tomáš. From the church, head straight on, up to Vítkův Kamen.

Founded between the years 1220 and 1277 by Vítek of Krumlov (Načeradec) these castle ruins stand very close to the Austrian border. Vitek of Krumlov, member of the Bohemian aristocracy was one of the four sons of Vitek of Prčice. Each son founded a dynasty, the most famous of which was the Rozmberk, and each had a five petal rose of differing colour as his emblem.  King Wenceslas IV during his enforced journey to Austria was jailed for a while in this castle, in 1394. When I did this hike, it was pouring. Arriving at the hradek with drenched dogs, the tower was, to my dismay, closed. The whole place was deserted with the exception of a solitary cockerel, caged somewhat distastefully, below the steps. A notice on the door however, claims that the tower can be visited daily, so you may be luckier. 
Finally, retrace your steps to Uhlíště then go left, following yellow trail markers. After 2 Km, the road becomes a country trail once more and you must continue following yellow trail markers all the way back to the ferry port.  
On-line circuit : https://mapy.cz/s/johonaraho

Short version : Park at Uhlíště, here: 48°38.33372’N, 14°7.81840’E
Follow the red and yellow trail markers to Svatý Tomáš then head up to Vítkův kámen (2,8Km) and backtrack to your starting point (5,6 Km).


Difficulty: Easy – moderate           Distance: 6 Km

Access: Drive or take transport to the nearby village of Vyšší Brod.

Starting point : The hike starts at the Cistercian monastery which, founded in 1259, is also known as Hohenfurth Abbey  and is one of the most important historical landmarks in Southern Bohemia. 
Detailed description : Follow the road up the right flank of the monastery then instead of continuing up this road, branch onto the narrower trail to the left, bearing yellow trail markers. A stream borders this pleasant path to the right then soon, to your left, the more powerful river Menší Vltavice becomes visible.

Keep following this beautiful trail all the way to the waterfalls. Depending on recent precipitation, the flow can be highly impressive.

Cross the bridge and follow the trail through the rocky passages then just before Pod Martínkovským vrchem, go left on a wide trail then immediately left again and you will find yourself on a track bearing green trail markers. In July, you will be able to pick blueberries in the adjacent forests and between July and September (depending on recent weather conditions), mushrooms. This green trail is also very pretty and will lead you all the way back to the village via stations of the cross which are dotted along a track which bisects lush green plains.

Our on-line circuit : https://mapy.cz/s/gesurebada

The above are but two trails I can recommend in this area for a weekend trip, to balance lazing by the lake with more active pursuits. However, if you are spending a longer period of time in the vicinity, you can add some of the more popular tourist trails too.  In Lipno for example, you can follow a steep, pretty forest trail from behind the bobsleighs all the way up to a treetop tower and in Frymburk, to the right of the hotel/restaurant Leyla, you will find another křičová cesta, way of the cross, which you can follow to Panna Marie Bolestná chapel and a refreshing view of the lake. 8C89ECF1-136A-42DC-AA54-FDFB501A6E83

Our book, Dog Walks Prague, which donates to local sanctuaries for pets, contains a further 39 hiking circuits of varied difficulty and length which will introduce you to more wonderful places around Prague and help you spend a very pleasant and active summer in the Czech Republic. 

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More free material suggestions for two day trips this summer:



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