53 – Raná and Oblík

If you enjoy hillwalking, head to the district of Louny, only one hour from Prague, and climb Raná, then Oblík!
My recommendation is that both be scaled in the same outing, simply because; the best view to be had of Oblík is from the summit of Raná, and vice-versa!
The mount Milešovska of which the ascent is documented in my blog post 23, is known as the Queen of the České středohoří (Bohemian central uplands or moderately high mountains). In comparison, these two extict volcanoes – Raná and Oblík – could be nick-named The Maidservant and The Page !


You can park and start walking here : 50°23.25257’N, 13°46.70657’E

Difficulty : moderate    Distance : 8Km or 14Km with both ascents

Exercise caution as you turn into the dirt track to park. Track and road are not on the same level. From this starting point, make your way across the red-stone track, under the electricity lines then proceed straight on, up a grey, stony track.

At an intersection, you will spot blue trail markers indicating that you should turn right. Do so! Then continue along this dirt path, bordered with briar and shrubs. Follow the blue trail right to the top of Raná.
Alternatively, to avoid the beaten track – and of course,  this is what we did – ; once you have followed this stretch of the blue trail to arrive in front of Raná (which is a three part hill), at the junction where the blue trail markers instruct you to go right, turn left instead, circle the hill entirely (the part furthest to the left) and ascend Raná from behind ! I assure you that you will be rewarded for stepping outside your comfort zone because you will access the summit via a beautiful, grassy, rarely trodden path as opposed to the regular, entrenched, dirt track by which every Tom, Dick and Harry climb!😁

You will climb first, to the “seat of Raná” (457m) here (pictured below on the upper right),  where you will already feel the welcome breeze, then you will climb the final path towards the summit (pictured below on the lower right), where in summer, you can expect to witness a paraglider launching his/her flight. Several launch pads are visible on the ground.

The view is quite something!

And of course, straight ahead, you are graced with the best view possible of the typically volcano-shaped Oblík!
Next, instead of retracing your steps, down the path mapped by Czech Tourist Club (ČTK), if you continue straight on (from the summit wind flags), you can descend via an alternative path in order to link your ascent of Raná with the neighbouring summit, Oblik.
(If one volcano per day seems sufficient and you do not wish to follow on with Oblík, by all means, descend on the tourist trail indicated by the blue markers!)😁
OBLÍK (509m) is only marginally higher than Raná (457m) however the final kilometre to the summit of Oblík is a more arduous affair. In compensation, you will be rewarded from time to time, by the welcome shade of the forest on a hot summer’s day! From the summit, as promised, you will have a delightful view of Raná ; which, should your timing be right, may look something like this…😃F7CCC0C3-467E-4BD6-934A-27E367B550C5

Here is our recommended itinerary :

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  1. We did both Rana and Oblik today. I have finally ticked this hike of my to do list, as it has been haunting me for some reason since i first saw this hike posted. Quite demanding to do both, but definitely manageable and beautiful views from top of both. Best to go when it’s not too hot and not raining as rocks and dirt quite slippery on steeper parts. Also not much shade, but hey, that means open views all the way up and down. Both me and Šata the dog are tired and happy we did this in the company of another girl & dog pack. Thanks for posting this!

    Liked by 1 person

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