54 – Trail of the Czechoslovak border fortifications

Two hours drive East from Prague, lies the town of Náchod and very close to Náchod and to the Polish border, lies Dobrošov. Last week, dogs and I set off to explore the border fortifications which were constructed in this zone between 1935-1938. As Nazi Germany rose, aspiring to the Sudetenlands, these fortified bunkers were built in the hope of defending key areas from surprise attacks. As it turned out, the traitorous Munich agreement awarded the Sudetenlands to Germany anyway and after the invasion, these fortifications were utilized by the German army for weapons testing and then much later, in the defense against enemy advancement at what is now the Polish border. However, in my forward planning, I could not foresee that I was choosing one of the wettest days so far this summer, for my trip. It really was the most dismal hike!
I read today that some of the bunkers are currently up for sale… Strange though it may seem, when I finally discerned each derelict bunker, looming, only partially visible, in the torrential rain and accompanying mist, purchasing one as a summer chata could not have been further from my mind!

Difficulty: both circuits are easy and family-friendly    Distance : circuit 1: 4,5Km                   circuit 2 : 3Km

Starting point : for circuit 1 : 50°24.03246’N, 16°11.54006’E
You can park at the Dobrošov lookout tower which is also Jirásková chata. There is a huge, free car park.
When I was there, the whole place was desolate which I did find a tad peculiar…I mean granted, the lashing rain wasn’t very conducive to hoards of hiking tourists arriving, seeking lunch…but still, it did strike me as bizarre that in August, in a year where holidaying at home is supposedly in vogue, that all had evacuated! But peering inside, it would appear that this lovely guest house usually caters for hungry walkers.
For circuit 2 starting point: drive back to the free car park at the junction of road, which precedes the tower.

photographs of the military bunkers we happened upon :

We grumbled and squelched our way through the rain to find them :

And here are our tips including full on-line map for both circuits:

Circuit 1: 4,5Km – country walk, passing information boards. (photos below, taken from information board at “America”.

My online map : https://mapy.cz/s/ravagomedo

Circuit 2: 3 Km passing 4 different bunkers

My online map : https://mapy.cz/s/nurufeguza

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