56 – Šata’s Trail

Kokořinský Důl nature reserve boasts a tremendous variety of hiking trails whether it be of the unmarked type or part of the network maintained by the ČTK. This pleasant trail combines both, and is dedicated to a quirky, temperamental but endearing, terrier-mongrel who was rescued from a shelter 3 years ago. With her positive and dedicated owner, Šata has tested nearly all of our trails and trots along tirelessly, enjoying the company of others in her own special and unassuming way.

Tips : If you choose to stay overnight in the area, Penzion Kokořín may suit your needs well. Dogs are welcome, rooms spacious but basic and a quaint, communal kitchen which is well-equipped, as well as a huge garden are at the guest’s disposal. This trail starts and ends in Kokořin.

Starting point : Kokořín, Mělník district. Standing facing the Zámek (stately manor) in the centre, by the bus terminus, follow the road which runs down the right hand side of the Zámek grounds. Pass the derelict factory and after sighting the painted water hydrant (pictured below), turn left into the grassy area between an abandoned property and a field, then follow the lightly trodden path towards the forest.

Difficulty: easy to moderate Distance : 5 Km Time: approx 2h

From the starting point described above, follow the trail through the alley of trees and just keep following this trail which weaves its way along the upper section of the forest. Near the beginning of the trail, if you wish, you can climb down to visit a cave and den which have been hewn out of the sandstone and constructed around the rock face. Later you will cross a bridge (or if your dog is as nimble as Šata, he can try the alternative)

and then further along the route, as you become aware of a road above you, you can leave the path briefly to catch a wonderful view of Kokořín castle. Return to the path and follow it all the way downwards, to join the last stretch of road which leads to the main road running up the valley. However, as you reach the car park (before this main road), you will turn right and join up with a trail bearing red markers. Before turning onto the red trail, there is a cafe on either side of the main road, should you desire refreshments. Next, keep following the red trail with the body of water to your left but when trail markers indicate that you must turn left towards the road, go straight on instead, as you will now switch trails. This path will lead you to a small street and hospoda (bar) with a carpark. Make for the main road and go right along the main road for a short distance. There is no pavement and although you will only cover a very short stretch on this road, you will need to put your dog on leash as cars are frequent.

Turn right into the forest as soon as you spot a green trail marker arrow. This path is fairly steep, is punctuated by several flights of steps and bordered by some rather peculiar dwelling places…

Following this pretty and unexpected stretch, the forest path will intersect with a road once more. Follow the road to the right and you will find yourself just 20m from the grassy path where you started your walk a couple of hours ago. Go straight on, to return to the centre of Kokořín.

We hope you enjoyed this leisurely hike!

©All images and text subject to copyright. Reproduction only with permission of dogwalksprague.blog

You can check out what Šata gets up to by following her on Instagram : misshata

You can buy our hiking book which contributes to dog shelters here: https://dogwalksprague.blog/prochazky/

You can find out more about Kokořín castle here: https://hrad-kokorin.cz

You can access my full hiking online itinerary for free, and thanks to Mapy.cz here : https://mapy.cz/s/horaterolu

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