60 – View of Rabštejn

A wonderful 6Km hike with a breathtaking view, suitable for families, in the less explored countryside between Plzeň and Karlovy Vary.

Difficulty: easy Distance: 6 Km (with possibility to extend to 10Km) Time: 1h40

The fortified town of Rabštejn nad střelou was built some time during the second third of the 13th Century near an important Trade route. The route was known as the Tachovská and used to run through Nuremberg, Bohemia, Manětín, Královice and all the way to Prague.
Hike description
The map of the 6Km trail that I am providing will first take you through a vast field where you can see bunkers. A gentle climb then takes you into a beautiful forest where you switch to a wide dipping track. You then cross the road and make for a perfect viewpoint of the high platform of rock, rising opposite you. One can only marvel at how perfect the location was for a medieval castle! From the viewpoint one can make out gothic ruins, then over to the left of the castle, the former stables and carriage buildings, followed by the monastery and church. From there, you make your way down to the river on a beautiful narrow zigzagging path bearing blue trail markers. Following this blue trail along the river eventually brings you to a bridge over to the main road which runs through the town. The starting point of your circuit lies further down the path, across this street i.e. opposite the bridge you have just crossed. Finally, as you make your way back to the starting point, to your right you have a wonderful exhibit of the region’s geology: steep slopes of slate.

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