61 – Prague’s largest forest

Whether you are looking for a relaxing or an energetic dog walk, you can make for Klánovice at any time of the year and spend an uplifting hour or two discovering Prague’s largest forest. Entirely flat and incredibly vast, this forest lies within the city limits.

Difficulty: easy Distance : 7 Km Time : approx 1h20

Access : by car: park in Klánovice at the starting point. By bus: bus 221 from Černý Most. By train: 30 minute ride from Masarykovo nadraží to Klánovice nadraží

Option 1:From the starting point, you can either follow yellow trail markers to the point where they intersect with the green trail, then switch to the green trail, going right. Follow the green trail all the way to the red trail then go right on the red trail and return to the starting point.

However, the red trail marked by the ČTK is too close to the railway for my liking. Option 2: You can find below, the 7K trail that I opted for instead. As most walkers follow the more popular tourist trail, I find it more peaceful and fun to choose the less trodden and often more beautiful, minor paths. Here is the map of the trail I chose.

Dog Walks Prague wishes you happy hiking!

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