62 – Romantic ruin of Podbaba

This short, moderately demanding 5K walk gifts you with exquisite views over Dejvice, Prague 6 and the meandering Vltava. It is perfect for your dog and easily reached by public transport.

Difficulty : moderate Distance: 5 Km Time: 2h

Access: By bus (160, 355, 902) to Pod Hájem bus stop then walk down the street Lysolajské Udolí, past the monastery building (klašter Mníšek Kazatelského řadu) and turn sharp right, to climb a steep narrow street, leading to the forest. At the end of the walk you can take the bus back into town again from the bus stop located nearer the bottom of the street V Podbabé (bus stop Břetislavka) By car: There are few spaces for parking on this narrow residential street however you may be lucky enough to find a space in one of the two, small parking bays, on the streets V Podbabé or Lysolajské Udolí.

Our recommended trail which you can follow thanks to the map provided below takes pretty forest paths, cuts across the vast fields of Lysolaje then dips down into Šarka valley. At Dolní Šarka, a second climb leads you up to the Podbaba plateau and from the ruin of what is reckoned to have been the site of a vinyard press from the 17th Century, which was then converted in 1858 into a romantic landmark, you can gaze upon the wonderful city we call home!

Indeed, from this vantage point, your view of the cultural monument, Hotel International is exquisite! This monumental example of socialist realism which opened its doors as a military hotel in 1956, many years before offering rooms to public guests seems so close from the Podbaba ruin, that it feels like you could reach out and touch it! And of course the omnipresent contour of Prague castle stands black, in the background! The juxtaposition of both monuments is quite exquisite and if I were CEO of “The Line” I may quite well have chosen this vantage point, from which a more marginal, or borderline “silhouette for city lovers” could have been created!

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  1. Lovely walk in winter, though depending on slipery / mood conditions ups & downs might be a bit challenging or fun, depends on how to look at it 🙂 We enjoyed the walk and the views.


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