63 – Majestic Máj

A beautiful 6K hike at any time of the year but particularly stunning views are to be had in the heart of Winter when the contours of the landscape are dusted in snow; thus defined and highlighted! Just majestic!

Difficulty : easy to moderate (when snow is deep, hiking becomes more demanding) Distance: 6 Km

Access: by bus 361 from Smíchovské nádraží to Štěchovice then bus 438 from Štěchovice to Teletín (busstop Krňany). The bus journey only takes 1h from Smichovské nádraží i.e. about 15 minutes more than if you were to drive there. You can see the bus stop on the map provided. By train: You can also get to Teletín by train then bus : Train to Benešov u Prahy then bus 438 (usually platform 9) from Benešov to Teletín. By car: Drive to Teletín and park free of charge, in the small car park indicated on the map, near the starting point.

Here is our recommended route :

If you have already done walk #17 which I entitled “Štěchovice – Glorious Vltava”, when you are standing at the majestic Máj viewpoint, the forest clad chunk of land you are admiring, nestled in the crook of the Vltava’s elbow is part of the trail on which you follow the meandres, from Štēchovice dam towards Slapy dam. As you gaze from Máj, look out for Slapy dam, to the left of the curve.

When walking with young children or pets, exercise caution when approaching Máj viewpoint, especially when it’s slippy underfoot.

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One comment

  1. This was a beautiful walk. Consider talking a bit of a de-tour to see the waterfall by following the stream near point 6.


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