8 – Cibulka-Vidoule

Difficulty: EASY   Distance : 4 Km  Time : approx 50 mins

The chinese pavillion, Činsky pavilon, 507CA876-8433-4587-9DEE-DE8678C5484D.jpeg CC559491-F6B2-49FF-B3D9-E6AD75141248.jpega very beautiful view which I particularly enjoy in Autumn. 319DDEB0-2BEE-4227-8555-599130FC8C35.jpeg At Pod Dianou information board, where you can compare today’s surroundings with those of the 1820´s, AF0EF57E-91E9-498C-9270-53FA2965BBA3.jpegC372ADFD-34F8-4627-94F6-63C64F8D7DD3.jpegthe wooden shelter.  E0E20DEA-C4D6-4B52-A618-E1FC0E9FC0FD.jpega minor path crosses your path. FC0C4E5A-4712-4557-9BAC-D3CC70781B2B.jpegwhere the trees on either side touch overheadA2FCE287-499C-422B-8270-CFE569681583.jpeg 71541557-D288-47A1-8D76-62A5BD55837F.jpeg This path brings you out at the edge of a field  9BAE8B2F-5D1D-41D0-A5A5-8D4C523235BF.jpegvegetation and wild flowers.  4040F3D3-0898-4D10-A084-6166687022BB.jpegCross the field, following the path – my dogs love this  field.D4FA8564-08BF-414E-9A38-6FA0F917F44B.jpeg  . C3213571-F5F2-442A-8E6B-DA7217969443.jpeg Butovice Zamek . 37CD04DA-B45C-4FCE-949A-332B05FD787C.jpeg

For full itineraries (see walk 45 for an example of itinerary details) you may wish to Purchase book 🔗 https://dogwalksprague.blog/prochazky/


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