23 – Volcano Special

You may have heard of hikers setting out to “bag munros” ! Well, I decided to set out with my dogs to “bag volcanoes”.

Photograph gallery :


AD2FF80B-61EA-43FA-BA7C-960D995F12C4.jpegA35EC97A-36AB-4FBD-A3B7-18DED4B66D11.jpeg3F08D42F-09E4-44E7-895B-62258674B89A.jpegE0BC5863-203C-43F0-B60D-A814D51C2615.jpegTurn right and walk the final half kilometer to the top341DAA1C-AF53-48D6-90E6-FDD4E1B33E0C.jpegLovoš (altitude 570 m) 37C788CC-9505-43C1-A052-F0CABA29F76A.jpegFrom here, you get a bird’s eye view of the Lake nestling in the elbow of the River ElbeF8833174-7FFB-46A1-B810-39F9467B832B.jpeg (České Středohoří) 8E1480C9-80A7-4A6E-95C5-65F6959C0DCB.jpeg


Part 2 – Distance: 5 Km  Time: 1h



Part 3 – (altitude 837m)

45B4DF63-D996-44E3-B352-D59C493F2E9C.jpegTurn down the street bordering it on the left and drive towards the very red house. B96DC08C-7F16-4F5B-90B1-53C477981295.jpeg

Difficulty: moderate to difficult  Time: 2h Distance: 9Km

246C33C1-21B5-47B8-A99D-662282C7579C.jpeg8ACB82E3-A348-44BA-8406-A5BFD82346E0.jpeg9E3B2D8D-FB94-45B1-BCA3-F072136CCE1D.jpegCBE5717E-8186-4743-8A95-AAD0EA424A46.jpeg Once at the top, the view is decidedly glorious. 86314092-6E2F-4512-9F75-7A17229F94F9.jpegE1F82521-D283-4CB2-9351-5115A3D5DC4A.jpegC031750D-F25C-432F-82DD-CF26383FA848.jpeg FEA1210E-C51E-47A3-9A58-A8CE92AB191B.jpeg


2 responses to “23 – Volcano Special”

  1. Odile Avatar

    Magnifique description de tes promenades sur d’anciens volcans qui mettent en évidence l’intérêt géologique exceptionnel de ce pays… Les orgues basaltiques de Radobyl sont particulièrement belles. Elles représentent le contenu d’une ancienne chambre volcanique profonde dont le magma basaltique a formé des prismes hexagonaux en refroidissant. On observe le même phénomène dans la Chaussée des Géants en Irlande. La tectonique alpine a remonté les roches près de la surface et l’érosion a éliminé les couches qui les recouvraient.

  2. Danguole Avatar

    We did the hike with my dogo this weekend, quite weak legs as not used to hilly areas, but we made it!!! If anyone here the same like me – just do it slow and enjoy the forest trails. Amazing views from Milesovka – both outside and inside the chata on top, and Radobyl is perfect for picnic if weather allows. Autumn colors just starting and will add charm in coming weeks. Stayed in Marina Labe hotel – simple but has everything that’s needed, lake and mountain view from the balcony, dinner and breakfast right on the lake. Perfect hiking trip just an hour from Prague – pack your dogs and go 😉

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