55 – Tramping Totems

Only experienced walkers can make a purposeful pace appear leisurely; and they did. We watched them come towards us across the country road, clad in khakis, bearing badges and a small but conspicuous Czech flag. Definitely not hunters! Forest rangers? Their cheery chatter and accompanying laughter approached, a friendly “Dobrý den” exchanged, one slowed briefly to interact with one of our dogs, then the five men and one woman passed us by. On their backs; huge rucksacks with more, smaller bags attached, and we counted one guitar and a smaller instrument case ; perhaps a ukulele. Adult scouts?

The first time I happened upon such a group, many years ago was when I stumbled upon a tramp’s den, complete with campfire, elaborate shelter, woodcutting bench, saws and all, in the forest, near Mnísek pod Brdy. And such were the questions I asked myself. Today as the same scenario plays out before our eyes, I am able to explain to my hiking friend that they are, in fact, tramps!

Difficulty : moderate Distance: 10 Km Time : approx 2h45

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