57 – Pähkel’s Trail

Have you ever walked in Divoká Šárka and thought “This would be so wonderful if only it weren’t so crowded.”? Well perhaps you’ve just not been choosing the best trail!
Pähkel, whose Estonian name is a translation of the French one Noisette which was given to her at birth exactly five years ago to the day, had a spring in her step as she proudly led us round this demanding 9Km circuit. Gripping a precious stick between her jaws for the entire 2 hours, this comical, sociable Boxer introduced us to a carefully chosen circuit which deviates from the more popular paths, without missing any of the spectacular viewpoints.

Difficulty: moderate to difficult Distance : 9Km Time : approx 2h

Dogwalksprague wishes Pähkel the Boxer a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

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You can find further information about hradiště (the fortified settlement) here 👉


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