2 – Prokopák Panorama

There are not many European capitals where you can slip out of your office clothes and twenty minutes later, survey the bustling city from amazing vantage points, wearing hiking boots. However, Prague is one of them.

You will return from this two hour dog walk, feeling as though you have been hiking in hills afar, when in fact you’ll barely have strayed from Smichov.

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E8A38928-2FC9-4D0E-B94E-1D78281C70DD.jpeg694543AF-8E5F-4893-ABE9-5CF7E2D0EA6D.jpegF1C43C43-ACD4-4585-967B-D399B443D9CC.jpegThis walk transports me into a sort of wilderness, with my dogs, after a busy day at work. The urban panoramas at the beginning of the walk, of a city seen but not heard, allow me to enjoy the muted clamour of the capital with a sort of detachment, as though I were browsing pretty postcards at a holiday market stall.

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4 responses to “2 – Prokopák Panorama”

  1. Astrid Helen Avatar
    Astrid Helen

    Thank you, the hiking of today was great, the views were amazing. You really know how to plan a good hike, I also thank you for the support for the steep climb, I had a wonderful time, and Artemis is so beautiful.

  2. Za K Avatar

    You’re so welcome ! Enjoyed your good company.

  3. Jaana Avatar

    I enjoyed this walk a lot! Such an awesome place and so close to city centrum, and still not crowded at all. Great views from the top, feels almost surreal you can see the city but still it’s so quiet. And then stumbling upon that little pond surrounded by the cliffs is a nice bonus. Next time gonna try that quirky little pub, though!😄

  4. Za K Avatar

    I definitely recommend their Kofola served in a pint glass 😁

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