64 – Drinking Water Trails

For decades, populations worldwide have been manipulated into replacing perfectly safe drinking water with water, bottled in plastic. Intricate advertising campaigns have etched into our minds images of bubbling brooks in a remote, natural location and giggling toddlers being tossed into the air by radient parents with teeth like refrigerators. And while the quality of some municipal water supplies still has to be improved, for the majority of us, carting bottled water home weekly from sprawling supermarket aisles has not only made an outrageously unnecessary dent on our wallets, it has contributed to a global crisis. From our Western world’s incapacity to recycle such quantities of plastic to its exportation of the problem to underdeveloped countries in the knowledge that colossal quantities are ending up in the Oceans, threatening species and ultimately contaminating the very food chain we ourselves depend on, it is high time to implement radical change!
This series of walks that I have concocted is best discovered over a weekend and aims to let you find out more about the very high quality drinking water that is supplied to households in Prague and the Czech Republic in general! More and more people have already made ecological commitments and rely solely on the public water supply. If it is not already your case, walking these lovely circuits and reading about the sacrifices that were necessary to provide in such quality and quantity for the population, you may feel more grateful, even reassured; and more inclined to drink it exclusively, once and for all!

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Soon, you can find The Drinking Water Trails in our new book “Dog Walks Prague Volume 2 Writers’ Trails and many others”. Coming soon!

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