68 – Trail of the Huntress

This 18.5 Km trail climbs through forests and fields, cuts through several villages then leads to a lookout tower, before dipping, to return to the starting point.

Distance: 18.5 Km Difficulty: easy to moderate Time: 4h30

Detailed description: From the starting point, follow red trail markers towards the country cottages then climb into the forest. Keep following red trail markers and you will pass the little Diana lodge then turn onto a path where logging takes place. Continue all the way past signposts U lizu then U Jahodového vrchu, going right, still on the red trail and you will pass through the village of Železná. (See photos of this stretch above).

Then continue through the fields all the way to the village of Chyňava. As you enter the village, church to your left, go right following yellow trail markers. You will pass a popular minizoo, Statek U Merlina, where visitors can enjoy contact with some farmyard animals like goats, but where, if walking a dog isn’t exciting enough for you, it is possible to take a lama for a walk on a leash… Just after the bus stop, go right, following yellow trail markers and continue across the fields to Libečov. Continue to the bus stop where you will see a children’s play park and information boards and turn right here, on a minor road. Follow this road to the petrol station and go left on a narrow, stone-surfaced path which will lead you past paddocks, stables and huge grazing fields for horses. (See photos of this stretch above).

You will join up with a green trail (green arrows indicating both directions, right and left) and you must go right. Follow green trail markers. The path borders fields and intermittently cuts through forest and finally climbs through fields into the village Malé Přílepy. Go left to cross the whole village then right, following green trail markers. Don’t miss the where the trail branches off to the left to take you back onto a forest path once more. After bordering more grassy fields, you will climb on a narrower, forest path. (Photos of this stretch above)

When you arrive at the signpost Lhotka, follow the wooden arrow straight on up the steep slope to the viewing tower. Like many of these towers, the structure is actually intended as a mobile phone company transmitter tower but to obtain permission to build it, the company had to agree to make it accessible to visitors and provide a viewing platform. Access is not unrestricted: the tower is surrounded by fencing, and a guard present, but welcoming. The gates are only open until approximately 16:30. Finally, return to the signpost and go left on the blue trail then switch to yellow in the village Lhotka u Berouna. Cross the forest again on the yellow trail then go left, following red trail markers to return to the starting point. Alternatively, take the blue trail down to Spalena then cross over to join up with the red.

Tip: I do not recommend going right down to the railway via the blue trail. The stretch of road is pretty dangerous for walking, especially if walking or cycling with your dog (no pavement nor grass verge, bends in the road reducing visibility of oncoming vehicles and the road is busy with traffic) and once at the railway, the stretch of red trail to return to the starting point is similar: along a main road with nowhere safe to walk.

We hope you will enjoy the circuit as much as we did. Add your feedback in the reply zone to assist other hikers.

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  1. Danguole Avatar

    Pretty, long walk through forests, meadows, and horses on the way. With latest rains really wet and streams running on paths. In hot summers with no rain only couple of streams so water would be good to have for dogs & people. Few beautiful villages on the way but so strange no pubs, either closed due to covid or just not the kind of walk, which is strange for CZ.

    1. Za K Avatar

      Thanks for commenting 👌

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