70 – The Kocába

This pleasant and varied 11 Km trail borders the fast flowing Kocába then climbs abruptly into the forest. It then dips to cut through vast prairies and doubles back at a small but gushing waterfall, Lečický Vodopád to take you back to your starting point without the inconvenience of following the road through the village. Suitable for mountain bikes (though prepare to alight on one long and steep ascent).

Difficulty: easy to moderate Distance: 11 Km

Starting point: Open our on-line map by clicking on the link below then click on “starting point” to see location and copy gps coordinates and paste directly into your chosen navigator.

Description: The first stretch constitutes a wide, flat path, bordered by fenced grazing pastures for horses. Follow green trail markers along the Kocába river until you reach the chata weekend cabins. Go over the little bridge then left across the prairie to follow the river once more all the way to U Kocáby. Cross the river, leaving the green trail markers and climb the steep forest path, following the map all the way to Kralovky.

The second part of the circuit takes you through grassy pastures bordered by forest then back towards the river towards the small waterfall bridge. You will return to Kralovky on a different path, and then follow the yellow trail back to your starting point.

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