83 – Fairytale Forest

Distance: 4.7 Km        Difficulty: easy (one steep climb at the end). Starting point: see circuit map below.

Maxipes Fík and his little mistress, Ája open the way (point 2 on the map), an apt welcome indeed for a dog with its owner. As you climb the path, you shall embark upon a trip down memory lane, encountering all the endearing characters who starred in your childhood cartoons but also personalities from  afternoons spent playing Nintendo DS or the Wii and others from animated series. Some of the wooden sculptures feature characters from typically Czech cartoons such as Jiránek’s Bob & Bobek, the father and son white rabbits who lived in a magician’s hat, or the schoolchildren Mach a Šebestová, and of course there are several sculptures of Krtek, the Little Mole.

Your dog will of course be delighted to oblige you by posing beside the many famous dogs that are featured in Fairytale Forest like Štaflík a Špagetka for example. There are also the more internationalized cartoon characters like the two clumsy handymen of Czech and Slovak origin, Pat & Mat. The Simpsons are also present and look like they’re on a family outing to the park. After meeting many characters already, you will arrive at a clearing and play park (point 3 on the map) with a high concentration of sculptures and can photograph your pet ‘til your heart’s content or ‘til your pet refuses to cooperate! Creating 130 sculptures in total, Jaroslav Sekyr whose dream it was to create this Fairytale Forest received an award from the City Council for his contribution towards promoting the town of Bílina. 

Then, in order to complete the circuit, keep following yellow trail markers past the meadow then past the point of intersection with the blue trail and you will climb once more into the forest on a history trail. This time, (between points 4 and 5 on the map), the dates of the terms of all the former Czech presidents have been painted onto tree trunks. As you walk, you go back in time. The history lesson does not stop at the first President of free Czechoslovakia however: after passing Masaryk’s name, you are to be reminded of dozens more of the leaders who stood at the helm of this country. At point 5 on the map, head down a path to your right to join up with the blue trail, going right. Then, as you spot the two big fishery ponds to your left, head down a path to your left (point 6) and pass between the two ponds. When you get to the road, walk a few metres to the left, past the first house and you will find a steep path between two houses. Climb this path to the top and you will arrive back at the start of the trail. 
N.B. Do not forget to pick up after your dog while on the Faitytale Trail; bags and bins are even provided. Thank you.

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