Kukur Tihar Day of Dogs Celebration


Dog Walks Prague respects and fully supports restrictions imposed during current state of emergency in Czech Republic due to Covid crisis. All group events have been cancelled since implementation. This is an individual event intended for family members or individuals + 1. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay safe.

In some parts of the world (Nepal, Thailand, India…), between 6-12 Nov each year, the second day of a 5 day festival is known as “Day of the Dog.” Dogs are celebrated for their service and loyalty. Their heads are anointed with tikka, they are adorned with garlands of flowers – traditionally marigolds – and special food is prepared for them… From police dogs to household pets to stray dogs, during Kukur Tihar, they are the centre of attention. You can see photos in the articles below for which I have provided a link. Many years ago I was lucky enough to witness this beautiful celebration😊

No marigolds are available in November in CZ for a lei garland however the Autumn forests gift us with a majestic alternative.

Now, while I have no intention to borrow, emulate nor appropriate a concept embedded in a religious festival which is not of my culture, 😐 my fascination and interest in the rest of humanity and my love of dogs encourages me to recognize the idea of celebrating man’s best friend, as a worthy one!

So during this state of emergency confinement period, why not end your week by taking some fresh air and participating in an event with your dog. All you need is your dog to celebrate and your smartphone to navigate and read the QR codes (and optional; some treats in your pocket to reward your dog for being the best🤗). It can also be useful to print out the map.


Here is how it works :
We are celebrating dogs so all the clues are about our canine friends. 🥳🎉🐩🦮🐕🐕‍🦺

Here is an example of a QR code like the ones you will find on the trail.
➡️Direct the camera of your smart phone at the code and you will access a question AND ALSO WHICH LETTER OF THE DOG’S NAME YOU NEED TO REMEMBER. Tip: if you can only see the start of the question, select the part you can see in the search bar and slide your finger to the right and the whole text can be read. Alternatively, you can copy and paste into notes.

Try it out. Which letter do you need to note?

The correct answer is the letter “A”

➡️As you decipher the QR codes and take note of the right letter, take note also of the colour of the QR code as this could come in handy.
If you don’t want to look for the answers as you walk, just photograph the codes and work them out later on.

➡️The red circles or number markers on the itinerary maps indicate the approximate location of each QR code.

➡️At the end you will need to reorganize the letters you have found to make a word. You may find the word automatically.


1) PROKOPÁK (1,5 hours)

Example of scenery on this trail

2) SACRÉ COEUR AND KINSKY IN PRAGUE 5 and 1 ( 40 mins. )

3. Prague 6 ROZTOKY – A country trail with 2 spectacular viewpoints. This was a longer trail (5,5 Km)

⚠️TRAIL #3 OPEN from 10am Saturday

One viewpoint on this itinerary

N.B. You can read about the traditional Day of the Dog festival in the articles below :



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