10 – Short and Sweet

If your dog is a puppy or a senior or if you would like to build up endurance before enjoying a longer walk, this selection of « shorties » is just what you are looking for!

– Skalka, Prague 5

– Hvězda, Prague 6

Tips : 1) If your dog is less than a year old and you are in the training process, introducing new walks in safe places is a great idea. Your young companion, although curious to explore unknown territory may also be wary of losing you and will be keen to follow you, off leash. Also, until your puppy is over six months old, walks should remain reasonable in length so as not to put his growing body under strain.

2) Likewise, if you and your dog are not used to walking long distances but would like to progress in that direction, you may want to build up stamina first before attempting longer hikes. You could start by getting into the habit of walking briskly. You needn’t accelerate the pace to the point where all enjoyment is lost but gradually progressing to maintaining a rythmic pace over 30 mins will encourage your dog to trot and will increase both your levels of fitness in no time.

1 – Skalka, Košíře (2 Km)

This short walk is ideal for building up stamina as the terrain is varied : paths slope up and down, taking you to a rocky view point, through forest and over a peaceful, vast, grass clearing.5D9C6182-388E-4850-8A09-4241C5DB8C97.jpeg

Access : by car : park in U Klikovy just beyond the intersection with Pod Skalkou. By tram : 9, 15 or 16 to Kavalírka and walk to U Klikovy.

Detailed description  : From where you have parked, you will see a tennis club ahead of you and a path to your left, running parallel to the road. Do not take this path. Locate a path further back. You must climb this steeper path beside the rusty red fencing. The path levels out and you will pass a house in ruins.F3A1CA8B-6239-47FC-8190-B3A0EF6C1152.jpeg You will see flats on your left and just as the fencing ends, turn down the path to your left.

Then take the second path to the right (there is a first path, level with the gate in the fencing ; the second path is level with the end of the fencing). Follow this path and each time it forks, go straight on ; never downwards. 76E9D7C6-7893-492C-BE5F-17A985AAD0FA.jpegYou will climb another slope on a wider path and you will emerge at a peaceful grass clearing, surrounded by trees.2EC4D1F5-2A48-450D-A434-BEC1FAAA83DD.jpeg This place is just sublime in Autumn. Do not cross the clearing. Go right and then head up the rocky path on your right and follow this path to the left. You will find yourself at a wonderful view point where you can sit for a few minutes and admire the view of Košíře.

You will be able to spot the Naskové Business Park, an old listed building, in the distance. Find the wide, downward sloping path (behind you as you are facing the view of Košíře) 5A2B5C47-1462-44C9-8EFB-2A61324FE895.jpegand this will take you back out to the clearing. This time, cross the clearing, heading up towards the signpost and the benches. 2A84127D-C8BA-4251-A919-C518FFFC0FFF.jpegAlong to your left, precisely at the corner of the rectangle, you will find a small, almost hidden path which you must follow. This path veers left into the forest and you will need to be careful as you go follow the path downwards as on  the slope, there are many loose stones. As you descend, you will see a swing, hanging from a tree, towards your right.E37B112B-4154-4865-93B3-D28C49111FB8.jpeg Leave your path and cross over towards the swing and just beyond, you will see another path which cuts across in front of you. Follow this path to the right, then right again and you will walk along a sort of wide alley, lined with trees.

Baby Bodie tries out a walk from the shorties selection!

This brings you out onto another small clearing. Head up to the right and this will lead you back to the bigger clearing. 81D47C08-5912-4F6A-AA74-A00566DBD673This time, walk down the slope but before you get to the bench, take the second last path (almost invisible in Summer) to the left, leading into the trees again. This path is almost a tunnel.

When the path forks, turn left and once on the main path (opposite, there is a football club), go right. You will pass a rugby pitch to your left but keep going straight on until you see tennis courts. You will arrive back at your parking spot.

This circuit measures exactly 2 Km. It is perfectly safe for training a young pup to follow you, off the leash, as you are far from roads. The only mishap I have experienced here, during puppies’ first walks was when one of my pups, sensing the end of the walk, bolted off across the football field, like a streaker wearing a fur coat. A match was in progress…. Do not worry ; this is no longer possible as the fence has since, been repaired !

We hope you have enjoyed this “short but sweet” walk.

2 – Hvězda (4 Km)


Access : by tram 22, 25 to Obora Hvězdaby bus 174,180,184,168  to Kukulova or 164,191,164,180   to Vypich by car : free parking in Na Vypichu

Tips : 1) According to a forestry police officer (this information dates from 2017), free running on all lawn areas including the three major alleys is forbidden but tolerated on minor paths. However, recently, signposts have appeared on certain larger paths indicating that dogs should be on a leash between 6am-10pm.. This walk itinery follows ONLY minor paths. 2) The Summer Palace has a café with outdoor seating where dogs are welcome.

Detailed description : Cross the huge grass field and enter by the main gates. Head down the second path on your left. 2DA05FE2-4AC7-40A9-98EC-CA9F44F2A8D5.jpegWhen you reach the end of this path (you will see another entrance/exit located to your left), go sharp right, along a wider, flat path. About 50m before you reach the main alley, take the path on your left which heads diagonally backwards towards trees. At the trees, you will find a tiny path.

Go left. Just after the young pines on your right, go right, on a winding minor path.

Keep following it and when the path forks, take the fork going diagonally left. Go straight across the bigger path which intersects yours, and continue along the little path which lies straight ahead. This is a longer path and it will bring you out at the bottom of a major alley (two long gravel paths bordering grass) and you will see the Summer palace on the other side of the lawn. CF6DDFAB-0B5A-4A5F-8C49-FEAEB0B8A305Cross the alley (with the Summer Palace to your right) and walk a few meters to the right and you will find a pretty forest path on your left (before the lawn area starts). Go to the end, turn left and follow the path down to a very wide path. Cyclists use this path, therefore if you want to see the tree which is located further down the path to the right, you may want to put your dog briefly on the leash.66C6979D-48E1-41AA-B8F0-1DB44BC4C876.jpegThen head back up the wide path until you reach a crossroads. Take the minor path located almost straight ahead (3rd path from the wall on your right) and follow it right up to the park exit. Now your dog can finish his/her walk, running after sticks or racing across the huge grassy field.

The distance of this walk is precisely 4 Km. The terrain is mainly flat except for the final path. Hvězda is therefore a great place for brisk walks to build up stamina. We hope you have enjoyed your walk.



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